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Another one on Terrys Nails


I notice a number of people have posted about this, here are my nails, the dietician mentioned a few months ago they looked 'odd'. They have horizontal ridges, which don't show up in pic. What do you think?

I hv to see my Consultant next week, (Hepatology), I have cirrhosis and possible PSC, should get the results of MRI with MRCP. Should I put my nails on the list of questions? Thanks Mel

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My friend used to get acrylic nails (tips). One day she had a bad experience at a new salon(?) Mold/fungus had developed under one of her nails. Her nail looked just like your index finger nail. She was also prone to athletes foot and yeast infections. I-yi-yi. Everyones different- Definitely look into not only treatment, but future prevention*

Show them to your hepatologist next week, you already have a cirrhosis diagnosis so this could be a symptom - your nailbed is definitely whitening and you may have some mineral deficiency hence ridges and such like.

It seems like mineral deficiency, along with Terry nails. Many who come on here don't look like Terry's. These do, the white frost at the bottom is textbook. I hope that your hepatologist has some good feedback for you that can help.

I get this when I have a psoriasis flare up. Surprised no-one that I have noted so far has mentioned psoriasis.

My nails are the same as this only pre transplant they were also black. Now post transplant I still have the ridges but no discolouration, my consultant said it is called clubbing.

Definitely something to show your consultant. They like nails like yours. They can be quite reflective of various deficiencies etc. They certainly do look rather more classic of the sorts of things you would see in someone with liver disease.

I just read about this the other day. Here's a link to read.

Thanks all, will ask the consultant tomorrow. It is all a bit difficult at the moment, my mother can't decide if she is dying or not, (she was always bad at making decisions!). She is elderly 89, had seizures, they think from a bleed on the brain. They said she was dying but now she has woken up, the only bright spots are she recognized me, they have not taken her into hospital, she is being cared for by the wonderful staff at her care home. There are no other bright spots, maybe the consultant will give me some brighter news.

My consultant was not concerned about my nails, he said they could be indicative of a problem with albumin, but since my blood tests were all in range, no action required. No vitamins/mineral supplements required.

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