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Terry Nails?


Hello - I am an 18 year old female who is a serious hypochondriac. And I accidentally read an article online about how our nails can be big indicators of our overall health, and I have now convinced myself I have Terry nails, which means I either have kidney or liver disease or heart failure! Now I don't have lunulas except for on my middle finger and thumbs. My mom and sister both don't have them either, and we all have very short nails. My mom looked at my nails and said I am completely fine but I just want a doctors opinion. I have no other symptoms but you never know what could be going on in my body!

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Hi Jess. I'd listen to your Mum honey she's right. But if you want a doctor's opinion aswell to put your mind at rest, book an appointment. At your age you should be enjoying your life not fretting over your health.

L x

JessDuncan in reply to Hidden

I know I should! Thank you :)

Doctors do look for signs of disease in fingernails. They will look for pitting (associated with many diseases) and splinter haemorrges (endocarditis). You’ve read something based on pseudoscience and shouldn’t worry at all.

JessDuncan in reply to jo0ls

Oh okay well thank you!

Hello Jess, Terry nails are also white all over, it is a sign of poor blood supply to the nail bed. Your nails look healthy, beautiful and pink. Also it should be a clue, if the other female members in the family have exactly the same nail beds. Keep eating healthy, have a healthy lifestyle and enjoy your young life. Listen to your mum!


Hi Jess,

Whilst we understand your anxiety, nobody on this forum is qualified to assess your nails.

This forum is here to share experiences and provide support to each other and we would advise against posting any photos for assessment or asking for specific medical advice.

We hope you can see your doctors this week and they can offer you some assessment and reassurance.

Take care,

warm wishes



Who's Terry ?

Your nails are normal, there is no clubbing, discolouration etc. Without the signs and symptoms of heart, lung or liver disease I would not worry.

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