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Help, is this jaundice? (eye photo)


Hello all, I'm new here, my name is madz. I don't normally do this but I'm getting in to see my GP in a few days but I'm absolutely gutted and know that some suggestions either way will help.

basically: 37 y/o, drank for scads of years (15?), sober for exactly one year (aside from last week when my mate made me punch with vodka in it and masked the tasted and DIDN'T TELL ME because he thought it would be funny -- we are not talking anymore, forever).

when you look at my eyes straight on they look really white but turning them to the side they both have this problem. they both have that yellow coloration. it doesn't seem sunshiney but that's DEFINITELY yellow, right? the one kinda stops and resumes the white coloring but the other goes all the way back. i'm in trouble, right?

I've been fairly sleepless for a while and so have some bloodshot but there's a LOT of yellow there and I'm so scared! I know none of you are docs and can't diagnose, but can you tell me what you see?

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Hi it doesnt look like jaundice jaundice is something to do with the bilirubin from liver and it causes the skin pigment to turn yellow and the whites of ur eyes to turn yellow the redness is maybe just sore from where its been injured or frm tiny burst blood vessel or somet else but certainly aint jaundice lol. I cannot see any yellow at all lol but well done for not drinkin

Also tell ur mate hes a nobhead for doin that lol

I have that too but think it might be that you have a fatty liver which usually shows up in your eyes too it just might be that the amount of fat in your liver is also visible in your eye but I'm not. A doctor

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Hi lol its nothing to do with fatty liver a blood shot eye its prob from a tiny burst vessel iv had a red eye b4 after rubbing and touching it and causes redness its completely norm but if u are worried madz then have a doc look at it or even better have an eye test as these can look at the backs of ur eyes but it defo aint jaundice as jaundice is yellow that's a jaundiced eye. Yours just looks bloodshot to me. See your gp if you're worried. X

I agree, more bloodshot than jaundiced. It could be the photo but jaudiced eyes appear yellow. No missing it and from looking at them straight on.

I wouldn't worry to much. I had jaundice and was completely yellow, not a tinge but very yellow. Your eye doesnt look anything like mine did at the onstart of jaundice. Mention how you feel with your GP. Just to put your mind at rest.

Well done with getting control of your drinking.

could be just allergies or an irritation of the cornea.

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