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Is this what jaundice in the eyes look like?

Hi all, first I’ll state that I am a hypochondriac so if I’m just overreacting please tell me.

With that said, I had a bout of anxiety when a friend was diagnosed with cancer because of going to the doctor over yellow eyes and skin. Of course me being the type of person I am I immediately go to inspect my eyes to see if their yellow, and they do seem to be around the edges of my pupil.

I’m a 26 year old male, can’t really say I’ve ever drank too much, maybe once a month, sometimes twice. And I never over do it when drinking.

I have some pictures here imgur.com/a/BzfVCUZ

I tried my best to get them to look as accurate as possible. Are these what you would consider jaundiced?

I have a doctors appointment Tuesday that I will certainly be bringing this up during, but I would absolutely love some peace of mind over this until then if it is actually nothing.

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Your eyes aren't jaundiced. Not even close!

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I totally agree


Thank you Edward, I feel kind of insensitive coming to a forum like this over what is most likely hypochondria. Just know that you saying that does make me feel quite a bit better.


Look perfectly normal


Hi my husband has jaundice for the last 2 year and I can say you definitely do not have jaundice. Sorry to say this and I am definitely not trying to be mean to you but you are such a young man you need to stop thinking you are ill all the time and start to enjoy your life don’t waste it by looking for illnesses have a happy healthy life.

Donna x


not jaundis

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