Is this jaundice or??

Is this jaundice or??

I've read up on jaundice lately for my science class and I saw how it will make your eyes tint yellow so just out of curiosity I checked my eyes and I noticed in the area I have small veins in the corners of my eyes it has a yellow tint just in the area , the rest of my eyes are white . But I'm curious as too if this is normal or a beginning stage of jaundice . Any help would be well .. Helpful

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  • Hi, you will get a better opinion if you see your GP.

  • Well I can't really tell, all I have seen of jaundice in the eyes is on pictures and when I met someone at the liver clinic at my hospital when we got talking and his eyes were really really yellow all over. As brummi suggested if your concerned then see your Dr

  • eyes look lovely and white to me. but if your concerned as has been suggested best to see the doctor. all the best. love grace xoxoxo

  • Hi my eyes are a little yellow like that and when I asked my liver speaclist to check he said I'm not jaundice a normal reading is 0 to 18 mine have only been 24 so I would say noo but I'm mot a doctor x

  • Hi jester eyes, the little veins and the slight colour look normal to me. If you're worried see your gp, but I don't see anything to worry about. x

  • Hi Jessereyes. Created a new post for you to show you my eyes. You should see a difference between your sparkling whites to my murky yellow. Lol

  • Hello Jessereyes,

    As someone else has already suggested;if you are worried about colour of your eyes and jaundice then discuss with your GP.

    I have had jaundice and eyes went yellow as did skin on face etc and this colour change was very rapid.

    Your eyes look normal colour to me and if you had jaundice there probably wouldn't be much of the white that surrounds the iris left to see as it will have turned yellow - a bit like two daffodils ,but hopefully GP will eliminate any fear you may have.

    Good luck and I will hold thumbs in the hope that everything is normal for you

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