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The effect of statins on liver enzymes


I'm on atorvastatin and have been told that statins affect the level of the level of liver enzymes. Mine are all raised but my doctor has just told me to have another blood test in 6 months and doesn't seem bothered.But I'm bothered. Does anybody know if statins effect the level of ALT,AST,GGT and APT?

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I asked about this a few weeks ago . I was told you can take statins but with careful monitoring . In my case have cholesterol 6.7 and ggt in low 90s. I’m not taking statins though and am working on diet and weight loss to try and get the cholesterol levels down which may help the ggt. I have fatty liver.

Think this is a question if risk? Do you know why the enzymes are raised? Was it like this before you started taking statins? Presumably you’re prescribed statins because you’re at a certain risk ?

My liver functions are raised - ALT-72, AST-52,ALP-171. I've been taking statins for years but the raised levels only showed up recently. I'm really confused having been told to stop the statins by a doctor friend.

Hi Caroline its been explained to me that statins are prescribed on a risk factor-weight age b p etc. A year or so I was borderline with very high ggt -low 400s and slightly raised alt. A year on my alt is normal and ggt down to low 90s. Still elevated though. So my risk level has lowered apparently. I have 6 months to lose 10 Kgs and get the ldl down. I’m doing this with diet or trying to. Depends if you’re getting side effects from the statins and how bad. Is that worse than risk of heart attack/stroke? I would say not personally. Depends on why the cholesterol is high as well. I’m in a similar boat - I’m 62 b.p normal if I can’t get the cholesterol down with diet and exercise then it’s the statin for me.

Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

you're very welcome-don't think I've really answered your question though

Well I'm very much overweight and need to diet and lose 2 stone/28lbs. I was put on statins years ago when my optomotrist noticed yellow deposits round my eyes which is a sign of high cholesterol, My cholesterol was 7.6 and its's now 5.2 on statins. The same doctor friend said I most probably have Non alcoholic fatty liver too. This gives you a bigger picture now but I would like to stop statins but am scared.

Ok Caroline then the way to go is to lose the weight if you can . 5 years ago I used the 5:2 diet-very effective- I lost 10 kgs in 6 weeks. If you lose the weight and get tested again you may be able to go on a lower dose of statin. Exercise and diet good for fatty liver and the heart. Don’t be scared just make an effort to lose the weight. Go for the Mediterranean diet or something similar. I’m doing this now.

I too am on atorvastatin. My alp always runs about 150 on Urso. Has not increased on the statins.

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