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Just out the phyciatric ward

I am in hell IM bad state and I'm scared of being home and i am never scared of patients as I feel for them as I'm one of them they done nothing nurses laughing at me as u have to knock on window they are well rude four fights with the women staff still in office frightens of staff as no time it ain't there fault but I asked for help there coming for couple days lettrer off gastro says to think that the ultra sound I had in another hospital suggested early cirrhosis as of my alchol misused she has confirmed that I do not have it . So why have I got a diagnosis off 2 now before her and he really before abstain drink inking I no my body yes I was yellow bit when I stopped. I'm ill now I'm not drink inking she nearly had a fit when I said I want to be able to help a charity but I'm so I'll I'm so sorry to all I am fighting myself bad not to have a drink I be cutting me own throat I will make this pass 3yrs stopped but I'm in he'll not just liver my bowels my eating I don't want to eat as the home treatment team came 5min then forgot to give me medicine toliet blackish never normal I have no feeling to want to go and urine lime colour and then I don't even no that I been untill I'm up off toilet sorry I'm worried I stopping myself from ganging as I always sick blood I'm so sorry but I tryed I have gone to hell back and that's without being mentally physically ill that's just half of it I need to walk pain free it ain't happening left it to long me hip now me back going I have no faith at all in no nhs nothing in this aerea to many miss diagnosis so I'm housebound wat next liver bowels whatever to many people are being left to die it true and I don't deserve treatment any way as its my life long idiosy ADHD I'm treated like a non entity as they think I'm thick

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How many times have you seen your psychiatrist?? And what is the diagnosis (aside from live issues) ? You will find that some staff in mental health units are nasty, and many do not care about the patients; this is from my own experience. Do you have anyone at home to look after you, when you are at home/ any family who can visit etc? I certainly empathise re how you feel about the NHS. Some areas of it are good, others not; its only when you experience the poor side of it, that you realise. They all stick together. So firstly it seems you do not have cirrhosis; that is one positive thing; its is evil to laugh at you when you suggest you might like to help a charity; i suggest you request to see your psychiatrist and tell him everything; you are entitled to complain about mis treatment; but dont hold your breath; still, i hope you have a good psychiatrist who will listen; there are terrible cut backs now in mental health, and its almost impossible to get to see one on the outside, i dont know what its like on the inside these days; awful too i expect. You are not thick! Make a complaint, and try to see your psychiatrist xxx


Hi Faithful. I'm sorry you've had a bad experience with the mental health services, I hope you are ok though and able to keep safe. The services are on their knees and don't receive the funding they badly need. Do you get any support from the home treatment team now or a cpn? I hope so. xx


Hello Faithfull dear friend.

Wow, Is this psychiatric ward within a major hospital Faithfull? Are they treating you for varices?

You really are in the wars aren't you? I think it's a shame when there are people out there who, not only don't understand, but don't even want to understand, what its like to be you. You have so many different medical conditions all going on at the same time that maybe making it hard to know which is of the greatest concern.

I'm just had a quick search and found that there is a dedicated HealthUnlocked page addressing mental health. I was thinking that maybe you might get a better response from forum members who understand your condition a lot more than in here: healthunlocked.com/mental-h...

I hope this helps Faithfull, and I hope you feel better soon.




Thank u I'm trying to see my GP as I'm really not well and I been in mental hospitals they closed loads this is in a major hospital it was hell i can't explain since this blockage of stools I am mentally so I'll I'm sorry but even the police said it was unreal the crisis team stopped on the way and got shopping while I was in the police van it's all so unreal I can't fight nothing I asked to see dr as black in stools and I can't eat and have continuous confused thank u for helping me



I hope you manage to see someone who will support you. Those staff that laughed at you should be sacked!! I know they are short staffed but that's no excuse for being rude. Take care. Lots of love Lynne


I am writing to say how sorry your having these experiences with health staff.i myself had to go to a physiciatrist as the frustration and anxiety of going through dr after dr after dr and test after test and drs not being able to figure me out. its been 9 years ive been getting sicker and sicker and the last 2 have been real bad. I now decided that I know my body I know my symptons and did my own research and started demanding the drs do the tests I think I needed done to prove my symptons are real. I had to fire5 doctors and be referred to several new specialists until I found ones who understood and actually helps. just stay strong try to use your mind energy to heal your body and mind as much as possible and stay demanding for your own life.i don't accept cutbacks or being short staffed as a reason for staff to treat patients like crap, as all departments are short in one way or another., its called compassion and bedside desposition which some drs seem to loose over years of practice.stay strong and focused on life changes to improve what you can and keep demanding on answers



Please try to use the suggestions of the others who have replied to you. You said you are confused and that you are trying to look out for your daughter also, this must make things even harder. One thing I have found that has helped me, with my parents, who had health issues, and now with my husband, is write things down in a small notebook with the date, It helps to let doctors know what is going on and it helps to remember what each doctor or nurse has told us. I track his weight, blood pressure, pills, and as much as I can. That way if something doesn't make sense, I can point to it in my notebook and try to get doctors and nurses to make things clear.

My very best wishes that things improve soon for you and your daughter.

Thinking of you, Mary


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