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Don't want to see Drs anymore there more confused than me

Pals confirmed that hospital is referring me back to GP

I am told that the diagnosis of cirrhosis has been mistake because it was neuroligist that wrote to me and GP my menningia is least problem my chronic liver desease management should be sorted and other things .

Before that had ultrasound saying I have early cirrhosis.

But that was another hospital that I was under from the beggining.

GP ain't got letter from hospital discharging me to them and even if they got it I can't fight the whole system of tests wrong diagnosis

I'm so I'll with my mind body soul the pain I have to handle but the mind f...k no I'm living drifting with badPTSD been made worsened by hospital all of the gps social services mental health no funds what about all theses mistakes I don't want to be another no one the list of case studies .

There is no peace yes 20yrs dependent on drink and more tired of being guilty being in hell this is another mistake they keep making them sending me to wrong Drs ect I'm sorry I cannot get no help at all .feel like a hypercondriac

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You really are getting messed around a lot Faithfull, may I ask please whereabouts in the country are? I have some issues with the poor running of my local heathcare Trust, here in Stoke-on-Trent. Stoke-on-Trent comes under Staffordshire. I have come across an organisation here called "Healthwatch Staffordshire" there is a website link here: I realise that you most likely don't live in Staffordshire, but maybe there might be a similar organisation in your area.

See what you can find out online. There might be something out there.


Thankyou I read your web page brilliant as I understood as I feel a lot the same .

Sorry if before I came across weird someTime ago ,but I don't think I was to well in the head thank you for putting up with me.


Sorry the area Havering .


Faithfull your not weird at all. We forget sometimes that we are not all built the same, and that some people may have more difficulties than others. (I was watching the latest issue of Silent Witness last night on catch up and this really brings it home) By the sounds of it your having to deal with both the physical pain and mental health issues. (I hate the phrase Mental Health Issues, as this encompasses so many different categories).

The good news is that there is a Healthwatch Group in Havering, which should be able to help you:

I think at the moment your very frustrated, confused and feel like no ones listening to you. These people maybe just what you need. They are there to get to the bottom of whats gone wrong, and help sort it out for you.

I would like to add some advice though... I totally understand just how frustrated you feel and I can't help think that you are just being shoved from pillar to post and that no one is taking you seriously. Before you make contact with Healthwatch, take a deep breath, and try and stay focus on what your anxieties and problems are. Try and make a list of exactly what your concerns are, and where you feel this may have gone wrong. Be calm and collective, and try not to go in there with both guns blazing and start slagging off the NHS. Some thing has broken down and gone wrong somewhere and these people will help to try and put it right. They are after all on your side.

Give it a go, you have nothing to lose and hopefully they'll be able to sort things out for you.

Please keep me posted and let me know how you get on.

Good Luck



Thank you so much u have already gave me an answer about mental health as there is so many different phyical illnesses as there is mental but we ain't all in the same label u no what I mean . I'm truly happy that u sent me the link and of course I let u no wars going on

Thanks forthwith advice at bottom I did understand everything you put easy for me to take in thankyou

How u doing? Also I'm only given out advice as in don't be me my best friend is my worst enemy my company my all now I'm alone happy not to be

Craving dependent the bottle went everywhere .but now I'm not chance nothing no even my so called n/a diagnosis



The advice Richard64 has given seems excellent and at least he is in the same country and has a better understanding of what help and hindrance you may run into than I would.

Thinking of you and wishing you the best in your journey to get accurate help.


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