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Yes completely lost the plot


I'm sorry I been in state and getting really ill I still fighting diagnosis and place same full of black and dust I had bit to many shocks the meningioma is now causing me pain and its calcified and got fluid on head but they still ain't got me records and I am being sent back to where I came from to see neurosurgeon which should happened When I lived there

So much neglect I am sorry but I wow ill be ok

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Try and stay calm faithfull.You have us to support you and I know you can stay strong.You WILL get there. But it may take time xxxxxxxx xxxx

Bless your heart I been in state and I'm so isolated me and daughter can't stand it its living like a 24/7 in a room no communication love to you xx

mncold in reply to Faithfull

Hi Faithfull,

Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and your daughter.



Good to see you back on the forum.

Dear Faithfull,

It is so good to hear from you! Sorry things aren't yet as good as you and we were hoping they would be.

Hang in there and know we are rooting for you.

Best wishes,


It's good to hear from you and good that something is getting sorted for you. x

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