Just been told I need tests at the liver assessment unit

I have been feeling unwell for quite some time now, nothing specific, just not quite right, I started vomiting and tests showed that I have delayed stomach emptying, I'm also a type 1 diabetic and my blood sugars are all over the place, I saw a gastroenterologist 2 weeks ago and I was shocked when she told me I need a liver transplant, I don't drink alcohol, this diagnosis came as a shock.

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  • Why Liver transplant?.Type 2 Diabetics may have gastric emptying problem

  • Hi Chrissy2k

    It can be very confusing as to why someone gets liver disease, especially when the media just highlights alcohol. Alcoholic cirrhosis represents about 40% of cases. The other 60% are numerous genetic or environmental/lifestyle causes.

    I was diagnosed with NASH, although not obese. I was told I just had 'lucky' genes!! Apparently a mix of factors including undiagnosed type2 diabetes, & a stressful lifestyle led me to a transplant a month ago.

    It is a shock.....but there is a future.

    Good luck

  • Hi have you had a scan or had bloods took I'm just wondering how they've come to that decision without you seeing or being seen by liver clinic .all the best

  • Hi, most of us on here understand how you feel . I never smoked and was a vey light drinker but still ended up having a liver transplant. Autoimmune diseases were a new world to me. Take things as they happen don't look for problems, illnesses affect people differently.

  • I would seek a second option and ask questions , I joke disbetics can suffer with a lot of problems as my nephew of 23 yrs old is suffering with neuropathy all over his body and is in a lot of pain . Not everyone has to be a drinker to get liver disease , that's what caused Mine unfortunately so I have no one to blame but myself . I hope you find some help soon .. Keep us Posted Best wishes Linda X . If you need to chat then please message me

  • Don't panic just yet, I was first told I had cirrhosis, then just fibrosis then when I eventually got to see the specialist it turned out to be an auto immune issue. I went to hell and back for the first few weeks imagining all sorts of things. I'm pretty sure they can't give you a firm diagnosis without further tests done by the specialist. Good luck and let us know how things go. X

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