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3 consecutive abnormal liver tests


I'm a male, 30 years old. I don't drink and don't smoke, not overweight either.

I've had 3 consecutive abnormal Liver functions tests and low calcium, 3 months apart from each other in the last 9 months.

Had a US abdomen that came back normal but strangely the technician said he'd only scan my liver and kidneys..

*First tests:

Serum total bilirubin level: 31

Serum Albumin: 51

Ferritin: 538

Serum adjusted calcium conc: 2.16

*Second tests:

Serum total bilirubin level: 36

Serum Albumin: 52

Ferritin: 498

Serum iron level: 25

Serum transferrin: 1857

Serum TIBC: 42

Transferrin saturation index: 60%

Serum adjusted calcium conc: 2.12

*Third tests:

Serum total bilirubin level: 37

Serum Albumin: 52

Serum total bilirubin level: 36

Ferritin: 445

Serum iron level: 24

Serum transferrin: 1907

Serum TIBC: 43

Transferrin saturation index: 56%

Serum adjusted calcium conc: 2.09

Apologies for the long text, but by now I'm worried that my GP is not taking this seriously. What can these values indicate? I'll ask for a private referral in my next apt.

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Carlos. I would definitely get a second opinion if your not happy with the advice/care your getting with your GP. I never looked at your tests results because as s rule in this site non of us are qualified to answer you nor should we be putting our results on here. Its part of BLT rules.

I would suggest you get another opinion. My LFT’s are quite good really but yet u am waiting on a transplant because I have other things that are wrong. Good luck!


Apologies and thank you very much for your reply! Hope all goes well!


Ferritin at 500 with saturation over 50 = iron elevation. I'd ask for a referral to hematology for a proper evaluation. Do not let your GP brush this off. This is clinical iron overload. Easy to treat, but not something to ignore. Look at "hemochromatosis" online for more on this. Catch this early and prevent serious problems later!


Many thanks!


I agree with Metanoia, your Ferritin is high, this in itself can cause liver inflammation. GPs tend to brush this stuff off, but these are the kind of issues that take a while to cause serious damage, but if let go, will start to take its toll on your health. Hematologist is a great doctor to be under, they can analyze all of your labs and their trends properly. Hemochromatosis aka iron overload, can be treated multiple ways, phlebotomy, certain diet restrictions. The hematologist will run all the tests needed to see what could be causing this issue. Given your history, I'd say that's a good place to start, as you don't have many reasons at your age to have major liver issues. If you have fluctuations in your liver labs it could possibly be due to hemochromatosis. If you don't feel comfortable with just a hem, go to a good Gastroenterologist or Hepatologist. Ultrasound looking good is reason to be optimistic, as fatty liver (hepatic steatosis) will normally pop up on an ultrasound if its there. Low calcium can also come from many reasons, lots of the time its not enough sun exposer, or something lacking in the diet. Other times it can be a hormonal imbalance as the endocrine system works to balance out calcium. That's another job for the Hematologist to investigate. Overall, don't stress over these results, stress is the body's worse enemy. Just get to the right doctors and I believe things will start looking up!


Many thanks for your comment, I'll chase up this for sure, I'll discuss with my GP the referral to either an Hematologist or Hepatologist!

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Definitely need checking for Genetic Haemochromatosis (GH). Ferrtin at 500 is mildly elevated but still higher than the normal range. Transferrin Saturation at 60% definitely indicates you need checking out. Yoy're young and not too loaded with iron yet, so chances are, if it is GH, they can sort it fairly quickly. Other things can cause iron loading, but it definitely needs looking at. See our website haemochromatosis.org.uk/

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Hi Carlos

I agree with everything others have said. Get the tests done. My sister and niece have haemochromatosis indicators and are watching it. Diet may be playing a part in some of your readings so getting the referral makes sense. Might not hurt to keep a diary of food and drink and exercise for a couple of weeks t to see if this gives them any clues. Also watch the supplements. They didn't think I have but altering my diet started elevating some of my readings very quickly, so I am keeping watch.

Take care



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