Hi folks, Just got back from having a colonoscopy, the news was not good. Seems they found a tumour in my bowels. what a downer to hear that, still it may be benign , I hope it is...

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  • I'm really sorry to hear that Brummi, did they take a biopsy? Fingers crossed all turns out well for you, I can only imagine how worried you must be feeling.

    Take care,

    Michelle xx

  • Thank you, biopsy results in about two weeks.

  • Ok well I will keep everything crossed it is benign and can be removed for you x

  • Oh no Brummi. I don't want you to have to through this too. I'm sorry. Please keep us posted.

  • I will.

  • Sorry to hear that Brummi, hopefully benign but if not hope they have caught it in plenty time and they can deal with it.

    Stay strong.

    Katie x

  • Aw brummi, so sorry to hear that, horribly long 2 weeks waiting and wondering , but hopefully everything will be ok you deserve a break, my thoughts will be with you and my wishes for a good result, 😘😘

  • Hi brummie , keeping my fingers crossed for you . Bit of a knock back but stay positive . Linda

  • Sorry to hear you had to have a colonoscopy 😯 and fingers crossed the lump is a minor irritation x

  • All the best mate. Thinking of you

  • Thankyou..

  • Dear Brummi,

    Do you have a follow up appointment with them?

    Hopefully it will be benign or they have caught it in time to treat it.

    Please keep us posted.

    Sending you lots and lots of love.


  • Hi. Going to have a CT scan and blood test, then a group of doctors will discuss the next move.

  • Hello,

    Sounds like they are moving in the right direction... Keep strong and positive.

    Hoping and praying they can sort it out asap...

    Yours truly,


  • Hope it's good news I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you 🤞 X I'

  • Everything crossed here for you. X

  • Good luck Brummi. You know the drill now. Don't panic, stay calm and deal with news as and when it comes.

  • Hi Brummi, hope all is well and it's benign, that's how they found my tumour, mines was Cancer, had op, still hear 4 years later, its great what they can do, keep me updated, good luck xx

  • Grandkids3, you have made my day. To know that there is hope, when the doctor touched my tumour it bled. You give me a lot of hope... xxx

  • Hi Brummi,

    Keep strong, keep looking after yourself, and try to do loads of fun things that you love, as well as de-stressing ... bigtime ... as much as it is humanly possible. Thinking of you.

    You are so strong: a support and example to us all, so stay strong and keep on keeping on As Grankids3 says, there is always hope.

    Good luck, Carole xxx

  • Hi Brummie. Hope everything is ok for you. Keeping my fingers crossed. Please take care. Hugs and stuff xxxx

  • Oh Brummi! So sorry to hear that news. The best thing I can think to do is not worry until you know what there is to worry about.... And even then the worry is useless! I don't want you to have any trouble. You are a bright spot on my liver disease journey. I'll be sending up some prayers for you.


  • I'm really sorry to hear your news, but please God it will turn out to be benign. I will say a prayer for you.

    regards, davianne

  • So sorry to hear that you have another stressful health issue, just not fair how people get tested in such a way. Always the good people too!!

    As many have said, I send you my sincere wishes it will be all OK. Good you are getting prompt investigation, and then hopefully all will be sorted.

    Best wishes Brummie,

    E x

  • So very sorry :( praying for you Brummi!

  • Thank you... xx

  • Thinking of you Brummi and wishing you well, keep us posted....

    Team BLT

  • Sorry to hear that fingers crossed will be good news

  • What a downer Brummi. Hope it all turns out as a false alarm. All the best mate

  • Sorry to hear that try not to worry while your waiting on results Brummie, i know thats easy for me to say x

  • Noo not you!

    Haven't you gone through enough with the transplant equivalent of the graffiti artist Zoro?

    Sending hugs and healing

    Take care

    Rita x

  • Wishing you lots of luck, I have my fingers crossed for you xx

  • Oh I'm so sorry to hear that Brummie hopefully it'll turn out to be fine. Keep strong as always, fingers crossed, thinking of you. 😘

  • Oh shit Brummie, worrying news, like everyone, hope its is dealt with in quick order, keep us all updated, and you make sure you keep up that devil take the hindmost attitude you always have, here if you want to share, kick some ass and wish you all the luck you can grab, and that you deserve.

  • Hi, I was not too upset at the news as I sort of respected it at some time. Of course I will kick it's butt , but just need biopsy results to know what I'm dealing with, all will be ok in the end..

  • Hope alls going well for you. I have to have a colonoscopy in 2 days time and i am very scared. Is it painful?

  • Hi Sheepdog, you can be sedated for your procedure to make it more tolerable. It isn't particularly painful - more the embarrassment factor and slight discomfort. I take it you have got your preparation drink to take ........ keep close to the loo!!

    Sadly you won't get a reply from the original poster on the thread as he very, very sadly passed away a couple of weeks ago.

    Hope your procedure goes fine. It isn't the worst of the tests by far.


  • Oh goodness! So sorry, i didnt know. I was just randomly posting because im very nervous of having my colonoscopy , i have all the drinks prep which im not looking forward to!, and i shall be glad when its all over. Thank you for replying so quickly.