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Hi there,

I went with my husband to the the surgical consultant re my husbands colonoscopy. Now we had previously been given a DIY enema by the Gastro consultant but follow examination yesterday we were furnished with the full colon cleanse stuff to drink prior to the actual deed. I queried this was it safe for someone with cirrhosis and the nurse who was the one going through the procedure etc had to get him back and he said yes it is safe and showed me the insert. It wasn’t till we were in the car park I realised I hadn’t questioned if that was compensated or decompensated cirrhosis. Having read about the not eating etc I am worried we are seeing GP tomorrow but has anyone else done/had this?

Thanks Pam

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It will be fine Pam and has to be done


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Good morning Bs1524,

I am sure our forum members will share their personal experiences with you and I think for your own peace of mind, you should mention this to the GP at the appointment tomorrow.

Hope all goes well,

Best wishes,



I had the same done I was diabetic at the time as well, its a short term effect and did not cause any problems.

I hope all goes well


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Bs1524 in reply to david5354

Thanks it is reassuring to know. I couldn’t face another problem right now

Hi Pam,

Yes it will be fine, a tad unpleasant, but fine. It's not an unusual thing to be done for a patient with cirrhosis.

There are things you can have whilst doing the prep stage that means he will still be getting the nutrients he needs. Clear soups are fine and for me were enough to avoid me feeling ill come the time of the procedure. Just straining a normal soup is fine. Baxter's broths are pretty good for it. Relatively easy to strain the bits out but still sufficiently soup like to feel you have actually eaten something, even though you havent, lol.

Alternatively those packet soups are ok too. Quick tip, sieveing the bits out before you cook it saves quite a bit of time and make washing up easier 😊.

He'll get a leaflet anyway telling him what he should and shouldn't have.

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Bs1524 in reply to Kristian

Hi Kristian

Thanks for the tip about straining soup I will give that a go. I asked his GP about it and she didn’t really know but did mention in passing that he has gallstones so we “Need to keep an eye on the,” Thos is first we have heard of gallstones ☹️

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Kristian in reply to Bs1524

When you go for the colonoscopy do have sedation if they ask. Then tell him to just lay there and enjoy the movie 🤣🤣🤣. You should hopefully be able to see the screen and its fascinating seeing what you look like on the inside, lol.

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Bs1524 in reply to Kristian

Will do Kristian he did really well when he had an endoscopy but he is in a lot of pain from this end of things 🙄. X

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Laura009 in reply to Kristian

Haha yes it is ..... all very .... pink !!

in reply to Laura009

No s..1t 🤔🤫

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Yeah it really is !! 😀

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