Urgh. Due to my UC I'm due my annual colonoscopy tomorrow plus Kings wanted it done before my assessment next week. The procedure I don't care about, it's been 13 years since I was diagnosed and those initial undignified and embarrassing situations I've long got over. But the bowel prep drink you have to drink on the day before to clear you has got to be the foulest thing known to mankind. It's vile and I dread it every time. I can only liken it to being asked to drink two litres of seawater. Oh they add flavouring to it, either orange or the more likely lemon option. Does it help? Does it eck!

Plus of course you have to drink the vile offensive seawater on an empty stomach so you end up feeling like crap as the liquid sloshes around inside you. And then of course the purpose of it all starts and it's off to the toilet. Be warned do not be standing in my way because you will get a rugby barge.

The countdown begins to my first litre. Oh the joy.

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  • Wishing you luck.xx

  • I had my annual colonoscopy 2 wks ago, UC, PSC, Autoimmune Pancreatitis.

    I was given Moviprep, never again will I drink that stuff.

    I suffered bad side effects, uncontrollable shivering, rapid heartbeat, & continuous retching.

    My UC consultant done my colonoscopy, I told her about the severe side effects I had, and that I would not have another colonoscopy done if I was given Movipre again. she has agreed to give me Picolax next time.

    Don't know about you, but after the first glass, I was ready to throw in the towel, just the thought of having to go through drinking the prep again,made me persevere.

    Anyway good luck for tomorrow.

  • I've had my fair share over the last 13 years and every year it's the prep that fills me with dread. It's 0600 and my breakfast is a litre of Moviprep. I know exactly how you feel. It's god awful stuff. I've had Fleet and Picolax in the past, can't remember which one is which but one of them you don't have to mix with a specific amount of water so I'd make it up as a shot and just mix enough double strength cordial with it. Was the best one. Still tasted vile but at least it was over in a couple of seconds. Unlike the moviprep which as you know you have to drink over a couple of hours.

    Why can't they invent a bloody pill to do the same job? 😬

  • Yes it would be great if they could invent a pill instead, lol.

    The prep was bad, but I also had a reaction to one of the muscle relaxer injections. Apparently all the way through the procedure I could not stop hiccuping, and then to top it all I had a bleed after a polyp was removed.Consultant had to stem the bleeding.

    Best of luck today, hope everything goes smoothly for you.

  • Aw bless you. I dont remember having to drink salty stuff - is it in sachets that you make up? If it is drink it very cold as that often masks tastes.

  • Well that's that done for another year. Bring me some food!!!

  • It's easier to drink if it's on ice or if it is kept cold in the refrigerator . I was given the lemonade flavor pack .

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