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colonoscopy over!!

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Well I did it!! Not at all the horror I imagined..prep day gross! but really it was ok, mainly due to incredible NHS staff who in my eyes are saints having to cope with likes of me!! But would like to thank the people on this forum who responded to my post when I was terrified. Its lovely to know I have all your support. And for anyone about to have one, its not that awful...and googling about it will make your fears worse!!..don't do it!! Places like here give the right support which is honest. So thankyou all!!!

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Well done and well said xx


So pleased it's over and that it was ok. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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Hey Lynne!

I came across your old post from 6 months ago - not quite “hidden” 😁 - and you and I were the same 😐.


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I've brain fog, what do you mean, not slept in 2 nights

Well done Harriet. the worst thing is the Moviprep as you say.


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Well done- it is not easy, I do empathise. We are glad you find the forum a supportive place to visit.

Warm wishes



Good to hear it is over and not as bad as you feared.


Hello Harriet, congrats to you! I am not sure why you had to have one done but glad you got through it and all was good! I too have to have one this Friday, I’m so nervous about the prep, not eating for a day before and the what if’s!! I have small internal hemorroids at recriminations which are better now, but she wants to do a full check. Ugh! Super nervous!! Almost on verge of canceling. seems such a long time ago!!..don't really isn't that awful, I had sedation and wonderful nurse who held my hand and talked all the way through...yes ngt before not nice..but not hell!!...advice DONT GOOGLE U TUBE!...lots of wimps online! the long run for me, important as they found a problem which turned out to b cancer which I am now being treated don't cancel..follow night before instructions, and do as I did..which was lovely pub lunch after!!!

Hello! I thought I responded but don’t think it went through?? I’m sorry about the diagnosis?! They found breast cancer through your colonoscopy??? I don’t understand? I’m so glad your on treatment and you sound like your doing well. Happy for you! So I was hoping to do the prep earlier during the day from what they say so I can actually sleep at night. Good to hear you went out to lunch right after.. makes me feel better!!

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it is the " hidden cancer"..its secondary breast cancer which means it has spread to other parts of the body..i didn't even know about it and hve had breast cancer twice!..

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Omg Harrietssss I’m sorry! We’re you having symptoms to lead them to check? Wow really scared me now..

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NO!!..stop panic!!...had symptoms that were stomach related..and history of breast cancer , so they checked..believe me what I hve is not will be fine and its good they r doing this to put your mind at rest....chill!!!

I think that I WAS, one of the 'People', who tried to re-assure you. Glad that all went well, for you. Good advice on avoiding Google, helpful in MANY ways, that may be true but....

Kind Wishes


Hi Harrietsssss

Just come across your post which has only just appeared! I'm glad all went well for you and my fingers are crossed alls well on your result front too!


Shropshire Lass

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