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I've been concerned about my liver for a while. I now have serious bloating problems. Some days it's embarrasing how huge my belly gets. Also pain on right side below ribs and right shoulder. I know i must tell G.P but scared of the outcome.. Really bloated today. But guess the few sambucas and strongbow fruits didn't help last night. Im breathing like an 80yr old

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Okay, I'll jump in since no one else has. Before I answer, could you give a little more information. How old are you, how much do you drink (be honest), how long have you been drinking. Breathing like an 80 year old, does this happen when you heavily exercise or even when climbing the stairs?

Number1corker in reply to RHGB

I drink daily. Maybe 4 pints if not staying out and several sambuccas. Im 48. The breathing gets worse after drinking as it feels my organs are cramped into my body. I feel i need to be stretched to fit organs in.especially on my right side.

Would you rather die of something that is possibly treatable or see a doctor. You say that you are scared of seeing a doctor; perhaps you should be scared of NOT seeing a doctor.

Go to your GP at once.



Number1corker in reply to Eddy1

Appointment at mid day today.

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RHGB in reply to Number1corker

Okay, well, well done. The GP will probably order some blood tests and do an ascites test on you - which involves you lying down, them, cupping one hand to your abdomen and tapping it with the other, then asking you to role on your side and watching for fluid movement. If they detect ascites, then they should really organise an ultrasound for you.

Give us an up date when you get back.

It sounds like ascites. The laboured breathing and "bloat" were the symptoms that sent me to a doctor and they drained 7-8 litres of fluid.

I would cut out alcohol completely, as well as salt, and get a thorough check-up.

Best of luck!

Number1corker in reply to LKC58

I do have a lot of salt in my diet. I will start cutting it out today. And of course the alcohol.

RHGB in reply to Number1corker

If you have been drinking four pints and four sambucas for a number of years (you didn't mention how long you have been drinking) you may be slightly physically addicted to alcohol and very probably neurologically addicted to alcohol.

It is not quite so simple as saying, I'll stop today. You may need some guidance in the best way to achieve giving up alcohol. Let me know if you struggle.

It doesn't help that i run a diner from a pub kitchen so every evening when i finish it's kinda the thing to do is to chat n have a drink before home. Maybe i need a new strategy.

Perhaps a detox through your GP and consider AA for support.

RHGB in reply to ClodaghCohen

Most GPs will not detox patients, merely refer them to an ARC.

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