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Hi I have shared my story on her before. About 2 1/2 ago I was vomiting and had pale stool. I realized I was drinking to much and knew it was liver disease symptoms. I went right to the dr. For an lft all normal. I carried on drinking and developEd pain in my right side with weight loss nausea fatigue. Had another lft and ultrasound all normal. Couple months later went to the hospital normal ultrasound and blood test except elevaTed indorect bilirubin. My dr. Said not to worry about my liver but I still have bad nausea fatigue and a nagging soreness on my right side. I read stories here where people got sick a couple years after quitting drinking. Just wondering if your tests were normal all along and than all of the sudden abnormal?

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  • could it be your gallbladder.? how are you now,? i hope that your feeling better and staying off that booze.have a nice christmas sorry i cant answer that question as who knows how much damage was done before you stopped only your doctor will really know, if your worried i think you should have a talk with him/her as you dont want to be left worrying. love grace xoxo

  • Hi grace. Not my gallbladder had a test for that. My lfts have always been normal as my platelets. I still do not feel well

  • sorry to hear that i just thought you mentioned high bilirubin, i had that when i had gallstones so i just thought i'd mention it. what sort of symptoms are you having thats making you ill. are you managing to stay of drinking, its not easy i know from past experience, i wish you well dear and i hope that in time you get better. love grace xoxoxo 💐

  • if your doctor has told you not to worry about your liver then it must be okay. you know that worry can make us ill too. try not to worry. all my love.grace xoxo

  • Unless you had a fibroscan then you may still have heavy scarring on the liver that wouldn't show up with a regular ultrasound. Don't just assume that because your doctor says you are fine that means you are perfectly fine. You have to be your own advocate.

  • If I had heavy scarring wouldn't my platelets be low?

  • what can one do if your doctor says your liver is fine. if your to be your own advocate. what do you say then to your doctor. i want to see a hepatologist.? because if you say she has to be her own advocte then she needs to know what to do/say as i dont know.so it would be really helpfull to know. thanks grace xox

  • Tell them that you want a fibroscan and if they can't facilitate that then ask to be reffered to a hepatologist

  • Not at F2 and probably only a mild change from baseline at F3. Most people with moderate to severe scarring don't have any symptoms. Im not telling you that you have scarring but if you have a history of drinking with the symptoms you have described it's certainly possible and a regular ultrasound would not detect scarring until it has become F4 cirrhosis and changed the architecture of the organ

  • My hubby's were honey - 14 months from all OK to him passing away. He wasn't a big drinker but had been on antibiotics for over 2 years to kill of MRSA in his bone following an operation. Please stop drinking - even if the cause is not alcohol, the alcohol will add to the burden on the liver becasue alcohol is treated by the liver as a 'poison'.

    Best of luck xxx

  • Hi, did you ever go for a Fibroscan or are still having symptoms? Interested to know what happened.

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