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Endoscopic ultrasound


Hello ! I'm new here and have to say you guys are so awesome!! I've been reading the forum and see the kind and helpful comments being made. About me: I haven't been diagnosed with liver disease, but I know my history with alcohol (sober 2 yrs now ) and I do have a few symptoms( 2 yrs).. I've had a CT, Ultrasound, Hida scan and many blood tests that all come back normal. My main symptoms is pain on the right side and Terry's nails

I recently had a Endoscopic Ultrasound because my lipase was slightly elevated. The test came back saying that " There was no sign of significant endosonographic abnormality in the left lobe of the liver " . All other organs were normal. My question: Could it be that the right liver lobe could be cirrhosis? This is where my pain is, right side behind the rib cage.

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Hi Sailing

Welcome to this fantastic forum 😀👍

Unfortunately I cannot say anything in response to your specific query. But hopefully someone on here may be able to be more helpful - I hope so!

The only thing I really can say is that it was the pain behind my rib cage that got me worried but this was followed up by all sorts of tests throwing up issuettes. So it may be worthwhile pursuing further? But I really don’t know what more you can do assuming that you are already seeing a hepatologist at the Hospital....

Good luck, Miles

Thank you , Miles !

I have liver disease, but not from alcohol, so am not entirely sure about this, but I seem to remember reading somewhere or being told that with alcoholic liver disease, the damage is uniform (homogeneous) across the liver, which is why the Fibroscan gives more accurate readings for people with damage from alcohol rather than other types of liver damage. I have an auto-immune disease which causes uneven damage across the liver (heterogeneous), hence my saying I am not entirely sure, but as far as memory serves what I am saying is correct. However, as Miles has said above, someone may be able to confirm for definite.

For the record no-one has ever looked at my nails, so as far as I know this will not diagnose liver problems. Good luck with getting to the bottom of things, but since all the scans and tests have come back normal, it could be something other than your liver causing the pain.

Than you, CarpeDiem !

No problem!

Are you a fan of Dead Poets Society, carpe?

One of my favourites! But I want to make sure, even when I feel not at my best, that I "seize the day" as we never know what is round the corner. Hope you are recovering well from your op, nearly a week now isn't it?

Yes I have seen it about 4 times at least. Not lately of course coz I can’t concentrate on films - or books. But I still remember it well. Have to say I fail frequently on carpe diem 😟. Back is OK thanks but not yet as good (or bad 😝) as it was before the op. But it’s only been 2 weeks - nearly. Ta for asking 👍

Sorry to hear not back to full speed yet, hopefully in time you'll be able to walk around the block in your own style. I find podcasts helpful when reading is difficult because of concentration probs. Conversations from the Aussie abc network have a huge variety and are excellent mostly.

Wishing you good things😉

Thank you 👍 and you too 👍👍


Hi & welcome.

I didn't suffer pain as you describe, perhaps the alcohol masked it. My warning sign was the delirium tremens. Too much or not enough? I have Terry's nails with mild Cirrhosis. I wish he'd take them back. They are merely an indicator and not a diagnosis.

I can't comment on your half liver results as the only one I know of is Sébastien Loeb.

Other conditions I note you mention gallbladder & assume stones have been ruled out. Also AF my tickers just recently diagnosed & Doc's blaming past alcohol abuse.🤔

Best wishes.👍

Sailing40 in reply to Hidden

Thank you !

AF =? Ticker = heart I presume. What has been diagnosed - my ticker has also just been diagnosed as heart block with Mobitz 1 and Mobitz 2. The Consultant said it might be one of the tablets, well one said that but the actual Cardiologist offered no explanation.

Milo Pilo

Hidden in reply to ThreeSmiles

It's Atrial fibrillation. Racing HR & missing beats - Dizzee Rascal.

Nor me, might be a one of. I put it all in reply to Alley27 ECG thread.

ThreeSmiles in reply to Hidden

Funny thing is I just copied Atrial fibrillation from your post there! But thank you for your expansion!

Hidden in reply to ThreeSmiles

Was just gona add to that. I got no real explaination apart from blaming the obvious. If ya don't drink or smoke their snookered. Just a thought my racing maybe coffee caffeine though it's 63 Bpm right now. 🤔

ThreeSmiles in reply to Hidden

Hey up i’m at 56 but missed 2 beats in that minute. Which is not bad at all - often miss about 6-7 at this time of night. Cardiologist said pacemaker time then rang back two days later and said the Boss said give it another 24 hour test in 2 months time and then decide. Not sure whether I’m glad or sad to be honest 😀

I don’t hardly drink coffee 👍


Hidden in reply to ThreeSmiles

47 was nice knowing ya. Doc said the Fitgit is accurate enough.

If normal resting beat is 60-100 but over 75 risky. Athletes normal resting 40.

Lower is more efficient.

Got a text today for bump start. On the list tbc.

ThreeSmiles in reply to Hidden

Goodo. - I’m being efficient at something then - a rarity for me these days 👍

Hi Sailing, and welcome to the forum. Your right, there is a lot of support and experience here. Congrats on your 2 year abstinence, you've stopped the rot.

Have you had a fibroscan to check for nodules, and stiffness of your liver?

That might be a good next move to confirm fibrosis, or fatty liver, but hopefully, in your case, none of these.

Hope this helps,


Sailing40 in reply to davianne

Thank you, David. I believe that is my next step. I will need to find out where to go. My GI dr will not order because my labs are normal and he has already ordered and done CT,US,HIDA and Endoscopic ultrasound. I guess I'm doing all that I need to do in that I'm sober, walking and eating somewhat good. I think apart of me dosen't want to know because it will change who I am....if that makes sense. Right now I'm happy and going on with my life, but in the back of my mind I'm preparing for the shoe to drop. Thank you for replying back to me and offering support, you all are the best ! Sailing40

davianne in reply to Sailing40

Thank you, you are most welcome👍👍👍

When I stopped drinking over 3 years ago ,my bloods went from catastrophic to near normal in about 6 months, but my fibroscan still shows chronic results, but then I am F4 cirrhosis, but at the moment compensated🤞🤞🤞

Just keep off the booze, eat healthy and exercise and your liver will thank you.



Sailing, I just wanted to say hi along with the rest of my friends!

Firstly congratulations on being sober for 2 years and I take great delight in presenting you with your 2 year award🏆 and wish you all the best for future results.


Sailing40 in reply to Hidden

Thank you !!

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