Liver pain??? Your symptoms??

Back in October I was feeling unwell I threw up once and had pale stools for 2 days. I Google my symptoms and was afraid of alcoholic liver disease. My lfts came back normal. Total body iching weeks later disappeared after a couple of days. Had an ultrasound in February everything normal. Pain started a month ago went to hospital at the request of the doctor. I have a bruised feeling under bra line and sorness lower right back. Nausea loss of appetite weight loss dry mouth headache. Cbc lft and ultrasound came back normal bilirubin elevated to 1.8. Still have pain appetite back no more weight loss . Dr. Tested for alcoholic hepatitis which came back negative and bilirubin dropped to 1.3 in a matter of a week. Still have fatigue and dry mouth. I'm at a loss she told me not to worry about my liver.

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  • hi-sounds like fatty liver to me-Ultrasound may not show it. Obviously caused by drinking otherwise you wouldn't have mentioned it. Get your GGT levels checked if they haven't been done already. If they're elevated go and and get a fibroscan. Doesn't sound too serious at this stage but take heed and moderate your drinking. Search GGT on this website.

    Best of luck-keep us posted.

  • Have they ruled out gallbladder problems?

  • Billy I'm going for a hidascan soon. The pain is persistent doesn't come after a fatty meal. Ultrasound was clear from stones I just feel like I don't have the classic symptoms

  • I've not heard of a hidascan. But if its this: " A hepatobiliary (HIDA) scan is an imaging procedure used to diagnose problems in the liver, gallbladder and bile ducts.", then it sounds pretty thorough and if it doesnt pick up any problems sounds like you will be able to relax about it being anything to do with your biliary system. Onwards and upwards to eliminate something else!

  • I had 2 ultrasounds one for liver gallbladder kidneys pancreas sleep all normal. Other ultrasound liver and gallbladder normal also. Hidascan is where they put a special dye in your veins and take pictures of your gallbladder to see if it's filling and emptying properly.

  • How old are you? And how long have you been drinking ?

  • I am 33 I drank socially since 21 and than for the past 3 years almost daily some days off.

  • Hi Linz. Tbh you arnt the biggest of drinkers but it seems your body is giving you earning signs. From here you have two choices, either to abstain for life or drink very moderately after giving your body a long time to repair. The thing about alcohol is it doesn't leave anything untouched. Your liver is probably ok but sooner then you know it it'll get your heart, stomach or pancreas. Not forgetting the brain. Personally I was drinking very heavy for only 7 months daily (neat) Brandy and developed liver, gallbladder pain which lasted well over the a year. I still have it sometimes but it has improved a lot. My ultrasound, chest & abdo scan, 3 sets of bloods with endoscopy have been all normal. I still don't know why the pain is still there and nor does my doc. But I defo know alcohol causes it. Having good bloods and ultrasound means your out of the danger zone and probably are not in advance stage and can relax. From here it need a fibro scan which it a very accurate tool detecting and liver damage. An ultrasound will only show moderate to a server fatty liver. A fibro scan can pick up mild fatty too!. you need to give up the drink and eat healthy with lots of water. Veggies, fruit and lean protein. I also suspected my gallbladder as 6 months into my liver pain coffee and chocolate seemed to be the triggers. Never fatty meals but now I can digest almost anything without pain from chocolate to few cups of coffee. I hope and know the hida scan will be ok. Remember alcohol doesn't directly affect the gallbladder as it's a carb not far and they have no link. Are you healthy weight ?. Goodluck.

  • Hope it all comes back ok.

  • hi

    briccolone has pretty much summed it up. GGT would be a good number to have, its very sensitive. Ultrasound isnt the best tool for Liver damage, it wont see early fat or scarring of the Liver. Try not to panic, its a very good sign your bloods are good and clear ultrasound, should rule out serious damage.

    I think you should get further testing, it could also be a gall bladder issue.

    how much were you drinking and how old are you?

  • I'm 33 drinking socially sick 21 and over the past 3 years almost daily. I guess I need to ask for ggt? It's not inclused in the lft? Also my platletes are normal which makes me feel better since I fear cirrhosis :(

  • I thought at least fatty liver would show in bloods or ultrasound. I've read many places cirrhosis was missed in bloods and ultrasound. Do you know anything about bilirubin? Direct was .02 I read different things on different sites. Saying high indirect was related to liver disease and than some say elevated direct is.

  • its good your bloods and ultrasound arent showing anything, when the enzymes are high its means damage is occurring. Yes there is some horror stories of advanced disease being missed, but this is usually a viral cause. To have tests after recently stopping drinking come back good is a good sign you haven't fallen too far down the rabbit hole.

    Billirubin can show mild elevations with a slightly annoyed pancreas and even other stomach issues, it doesn't always mean cirrhosis.

    A rise in direct bilirubin indicates blockage in the liver, through swelling or scarring or the Liver or even fat making it sluggish. as above it can be the pancreas swelling and slowing things down.

    when you say daily, how much is that, a bottle of vodka or a bottle of wine?

  • 2 to 3 bottles of vodka in a week. Stopped that than was half a pint a day for a couple of months

  • I'd kick the vodka into the long grass if I were you

  • doesnt sound too bad, but thats probably 60-100 units a week at worse if they were 700cl bottles. I had bilirubin just in range on my first test, everything else normal. My Fibroscan was 4.2 and a slight bit of fat above normal, this was 6 months later.

    Its more likely you have some slight fat in the liver and likely a digestive system getting pissed off.

    To get a better idea you need better tests, I went to the London clinic for my Fibroscan and more bloods all text book and no concern over a slight bit of fat, but i'll keep an eye on that and get another test in a year or so.

    Have you stopped all alcohol now?

  • GGT are often part of the analysis. If GGT, ALKP and bilirubin are above normal it signals PBC (primary biliar cirrhosis) symptoms, I think. Keep in mind that medications (acetaminophens) could hurt the liver too.

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