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Hi I am 57 years old a female and I am going through a very confusing time at the moment, my dr did a fasting liver function test 2 months ago and all was elevated, however my ggt was 350. I got a scan which I was told was showing fatty liver disease, last month my ggt was 580, so of course my dr jumped on the are you a secret drinker wagon. I do not drink any alcohol and have not since my early 20s. I have had the alcohol question since 1992 when my liver test were also elevated. I decided to do some research and discovered a lot of meds which I was prescribed over the years can affect the liver I was on 40 tablets per day which I have now cut down to 12 my intention is to cut down even more. I have an underactive thyroid (20 yrs), low vitD,(800u x 2 daily- reading 23) I take mebeverine for ibs, which I have to continue treating, but I have removed my 40mgs of statins( lipitor) one of my two omeprazole (will remove the second one at the end of this week, 2 of my tramodol slow release (still on one as I have degenerative disc disease of the lower spine and cervical spondylosis of the upper spine) Gabepentin down from 3 to 1, folic acid and 2 levothroxine 150mgs.

In the last two months I have newly diagnosed type2 diabetis, a cyst on my left kidney, borderline celiac disease, constant chest infections and last week a kidney infection, I am on my 3rd antibiotic since late March.

I am practically housebound,for the last 6 or 7 years as too painful to walk very far, had to give up all my favourite hobbies as in gardening, walking and shopping as I am exhausted most of the time also.

I am sorry this is so long winded but I am terrified at the amount of things going wrong with my body at the moment and I am terrified of every teat as I am only getting bad news, I cannot understand if the stress my liver is under is causing all the other problems or if the other problems are causing stress to my liver as it is a egg/chicken delemma.

My upper abdomin is very swollen and hard and causing me great pain my dr is putting it down to weight and although I am obese I have lost 14ibs yet went up 4 dress sizes, I feel so poorly at the minute.

I have started taking milk thistle 6 weeks ago to try to help my liver to recover any other tips or advice would be very welcome thanks :(

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Heavens above I thought my husband was bad enough with several health issues but yours are just over the top.

Has anybody checked you to see if there is an underlying cause as to why you have so many health issues?

Who is actually looking after you is it your GP or are any hospital consultants involved?

Best Wishes.


Hi Carmik just my GP


Well I am sorry but the first thing you should do is demand that your GP refers you to a hospital consultant. This is your right and with so many health issues they should have done this long ago.

Do not allow them to fob you off. You have rights. It is your health they are messing with. GP's are only there for very basic health issues and have to refer you when specific issues are identified. They are only GP's and not qualified in specific areas.

Good Luck


First thing I will say is how are your thyroid levels ? Under or over medicated on thyroxine causes so many issues, I am also hypo so know first hand how difficult treatment can be.

I am also vitd deficient and have kidney cysts and stones so second thing is have you had calcium and parathyroid levels checked ? Hyperparathyroidism is another minefield that causes many problems.

Medications can cause elevated enzyme results so that is something else to consider, I'm going through the same issues, past 6+ years with high results and no diagnosis.

Try not to panic over the results, have you checked milk thistle is OK for hypos to take ? many supplements are not advised.


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Hi Bantam according to my recent bloods my thyroid is stable as far as my tsh goes but do not know about my t3 as lab refuses to test it to save costs. I will talk to my doc about my calcium levels as not sure if it was checked. Same with parathyroid although blood pressure is low rather than high. It seems milk thistle is fine with hypo as it detoxes the liver so helps convert from t4 to t3.


Have they tested you for any autoimmune liver diseases? We're you on any medications back in "92"? What tests if any did they do back then? I would think that the drugs you were taking probably didn't help but by themselves may have not been cause of the high enzymes, but I'm glad you were able to cut back on some them anyway. I too have a fatty liver, and an autoimmune thyroid, but I would bet there's a connection. Did they put you on a gluten free diet since the borderline celiacs diagnosis to see if that wouldn't help alleviate your stomach and IBS issue?. Also, it seems like I read somewhere that celiacs and inflammatory bowel disease may overlap and I did find this but I didn't read it. Hopefully, your Dr. already ruled this out but it looked interesting nonetheless:

I'm not saying that you have any of aforementioned undiagnosed diseases, but it couldn't hurt to rule it out. I agree with you that it's not normal to lose weight and go up in dress size and you deserve a reasonable explanation from your Dr. or they need to be finding out why. I hope you get some answers so you can work on getting your health and life back. Keep up with the weight loss and hopefully you should be able to reverse the fatty liver. Your in my thoughts and prayers!


I would also suggest SAM-e and Glutathione. Read the research by Charles S. Lieber regarding the benefits of SAM-e.


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