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Enlarged Liver?



I am new here & was just looking for anybody who had a similar story to mine or could give me some advice. So probably 4 months ago I started to experience itchy hands but thought nothing of it as I'm a beauty therapist & acylic powder has made me itchy before. But then my feet became very itchy, more so of a night. Then eventually my whole body. I had no rashes or bites so I guessed it was an internal thing. That & the occasional heartburn went on few a months but over the last month I've been incredibly fatigued, the itching is driving me crazy & I just knew something wasn't right. I also have recently developed Dermographism? So I made an app with my gp who told me I had an enlarged liver & "dilated vein in my neck"? So I had blood tests done but had a different doc for my result app along with an incredibly bloated abdomen that seemed to have expanded a lot over 2 days. My liver function etc came back normal although I have high levels of B12 vitamin (which I have read is linked to liver) but was told by that gp that this was of no concern?? And this doc also said he couldn't see a dilated vein in my neck & that my swollen abdomen wasn't something to be concerned about either. But my liver was definitely still enlarged so I'm being referred to a liver specialist & having a colonoscopy performed to get to the bottom of it. I thought I may have us more tests done before being referred straight to a specialist? My bloated stomach has subsided but my upper abdomen is still very "full" feeling & is warm to touch. I am 26 years old with 2 beautiful daughters, I drink maybe once or twice a month when I get time with friends & my health is generally well. I guess I'm just looking for someone who can relate or share some insight into why my liver is enlarged or has been through something similar?? I am a little scared & my family are worried aswell but no one I know has had this happen.

Thanks 😊

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Hi, and Welcome, it's good that your GP has agreed to refer you to a liver specialist - especially as your LFTs are normal they could have not taken the iniative to refer you on.

The liver specialist will now be the one able to diagnose you more fully and do all the necessary tests themselves. The itchiness could be a sign that your liver was ' protesting' against something.

Have you checked what colour your stools are? ( poo!) as if they are very light in colour + the itchiness that is 'more' of a worry that something is wrong.

Have you been checked for any of the hepatitises which can enflame the liver?

If not dont worry the liver specialist will probably take care of all that. If it is from hepatitis then early treatment for it ( you are still very young) will take care of it and possibly cure it

Not being a doctor or expert my 'opinion' should only be taken as simply that! no more than an opinion and I am sure you will get more answers and opinions and advice from' the others' too!

Thanks for your reply!

I don't believe I was tested for hep which I was surprised as even as a new researcher on the liver this came up numerous times as a common result of an enlarged liver! So at my next app on Tues I will ask what I haven't been tested for & what I should be.

Stools are normal so that's a relief!

I am so anxious to see the specialist, the stress of what it could be is driving me crazy! Hence why I joined this group so I would stop "googling" what could be wrong with me! But I know that an enlarged liver doesn't happen for no reason! I just hope it's nothing sinister 😔

I very very very much doubt it at your age! Whatever it is can certainly be sorted out and you are definitely on the right track! like I said some GPs seeing normal LFTs assume all is well and you don't get referred - or you get diagnosed with something entirely different. Seeing the specialist will put your mind at rest!

All the Best

By the way -This forum is much more 'supportive' and friendly than Google!

I hope you're right! I don't think I've ever been so concerned in all my life 😔 google is definitely not my friend, the majority of the outcomes I have read have been pretty grim!!

Thank you, I feel better bring able to vent & hopefully hear from others in the same situation or who have been in this situation.

Have you had a scan yet? I have a rare liver condition and one of the things they test for is an elevated level of B12.

It's very rare though so hopefully yours is elevated for other reasons.

D_christall in reply to Mama41

Not yet! I have an app tomorrow with my gp to get a referral to the specialist.

I also read that having elevated levels of B12 is uncommon? If you don't mind me asking, what is the rare condition? And the gp told me it was not a concern? Any answer is a good answer about now, waiting is making me crazy!

Mama41 in reply to D_christall

I have Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinoma (primary liver cancer)

My blood tests usually come back normal but one of the markers they look for is a raised level of B12.

Hope you got on ok at the GP.

Catfishjumpin in reply to Mama41

I too have primary liver cancer, one encased tumor now for almost 2 years. How are you doing?

Mama41 in reply to Catfishjumpin

I'm doing good thank you. Have had a few surgeries but no chemo over the last 8 years :)

How's things with you ?

D_christall in reply to Mama41

The gp basically told me because my LFT was ok & my B12 was only slightly elevated he wasn't concerned & wouldn't be referring me to a specialist. I also woke up this morning with what I believe is a kidney infection as I've had a few before but he gave me nothing for that either. He is sending me for an ultrasound but is said & I quote "your liver may just be enlarged, some peoples are but I'm not concerned about it & considering everything came back normal from your blood results I'm guessing your fine"! I don't know what to think now! I know there is something wrong but he wouldn't hear me!

Mama41 in reply to D_christall

Well hopefully the Ultrasound will pick up any abnormalities. The US will be read by someone at the hospital so you may end up getting referred to a consultant anyway.

Yes, I would also like to know about Mama41's condition. I also have elevated B12 and my doctor told me not to worry about it. But one thing I've learned over my years in trying to get a diagnosis is that these numbers don't lie!

this does sound a bit like hepatitis but this should be picked up in blood tests

Have you been checked for Hemochromatosis aka iron overload? I have been diagnosed with this and it has damaged my liver so much that I now have cirrhosis Stage 4. The reason being that excess iron stores in your liver.

Coincidentally, I also have a very high B12 score. I'm still in the shock stage because all of my bloodwork is in a good range with respect to my liver.

Anyway, Hemochromatosis is a genetic disorder, but a ferriten and an iron saturation blood test will show if you have to worry about that or not.

As I have just recently been diagnosed with cirrhosis, I'm not as well-informed as the other people on the board, but wanted you to know what might be the cause.

Hope all goes well.


You definately don't drink anywhere near enough to have alcohol as the cause. Have you been tested for Hep a, b or c ?? I wonder if it's auto immune related . Demand answers from doctors because a damaged liver causes severe itching. Hopefully it can still recover . Avoid any alcohol altogether until you get to the bottom of this ! Good luck to you !

I used to drink more as a teenager but no more than everybody else. I asked the doctor to test me for that but he said it wasn't necessary & I also stated that itching was a sign of a damaged liver long with the array of other symptoms I was having. So I got a second opinion & she sent me for ultrasounds. Turns out that my gall bladder wall is extremely thick?? Which has made it appear that my liver was enlarged. They aren't sure why so I've finally got a referral to a specialist to get to the bottom of it! I also recently had severe pain, almost like a ring around my upper abdomen all they around my back which I swore was a kidney infection as I've had a few before but the gp said it wasn't but wasn't sure what it could be. I just can't wait to find out what's causing of this! 

Bolly in reply to D_christall

Maybe it's gallstones?  Hopefully if your referal is to a gatroenterologist they can diagnose the cause.

So I just wanted to check back in & include recent changes & possibly somebody has some clue if these symptoms could be linked! I'm currently still on a waiting list re my referral to the specialist as it is prioritised. They did rule out gall stones but along with the thickened gall bladder wall they also said my gall bladder was very tiny? They weren't very informative at all really but I guess they can't just throw around possible diagnosis without proof.

So this may seem off topic from my original post, symptoms & concerns but as I said before I'm now wondering if it all could be linked! My mother was adopted as a baby & didn't meet her biological parents until her late 20s. Before this she had been diagnosed with early stages of cervical cancer but thankfully it was detected early & she made a full recovery. When she finally did meet her biological parents her mother confirmed that not only her but her 2 sisters were also diagnosed with cervical cancer. My knowledge on the disease is very little but from what I have read there is a small possibility that it is hereditary? Well my mum always believed this & has always hassled my sister & I to make sure we had regular Pap smears etc I have 2 daughters, 5 & 6 both c sections due to complications & when my youngest was 6 weeks old I had the Mirena put in as form of contraception which is good for 5 years. I did not have a period the entire time I had the Mirena in which the gp said was fine. So around October last year I made an app to have it removed & started considering TTC for final baby number 3! But when at my app the gp couldn't locate it & said it had retracted so I would have to have it surgically removed while under anaesthetic. The surgery was text book & I started a period nearly straight away (so we started TTC) which has been fairly regular up until the last 3 cycles. I started to spot after I thought I'd finished & for the first 2 abnormal cycles this went on for about 4-5 days post period. But this last cycle which was supposed to end 10 days ago is what has got me concerned. The "spotting" I was having turned to a sudden heavy flow then back to spotting then another sudden heavy flow & I am now 10 days past period end but bleeding quite a lot of bright red blood & (tmi) have passed a few small clots. I have an app tomorrow for pap & was also informed that this type of bleeding is called Intermenstrual Bleeding. I've had cramping but that's common for a cycle & im still very fatigued. I'm definitely not pregnant & am taking no medication so I'm starting to wonder if my previous exisiting symptoms & these new ones are somehow linked? I stated in my original post that I know something isn't right but am I looking too far into it now? Should I be concerned about the Intermenstrual bleeding as I was told it is abnormal but could possibly be hormonal/stress related? The last 10 months has had me worrying more than I ever have for my health! I have so many unanswered questions! Any input or advice would me muchly appreciated! I feel like I go on & on about every little thing that's going on with me especially to my partner 🙁 And we were already starting to feel the strain when we got another negative on a PT with this being the 8th cycle trying but I'm guessing these new symptoms have something to do with that aswell! But I feel like I'm guessing a lot & im driving everybody crazy! Help! 😰


Did you get to the bottom of what was causing your enlarged liver and raised b12? I have the same problem but drs don’t know yet what’s wrong.



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