Hi I'm thinking about holidays. My husband loves going abroad and I'm a little sad for him that we might not be able to go together. I'm under the impression because I'm post tx that I can't go swimming in public pools or the sea due to my immune system. Obviously I can't sit in the sun and I can't drink bottled water. Has any body been on holiday abroad post tx, have I got it wrong. I hope so lol x

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  • Good morning Gaynor,

    Really jealous that you're considering a trip abroad.

    Can you include flying to Scotland as going abroad ? I flew to Edinburgh from London a couple of months ago.

    But seriously.

    Read your concerns and was a bit surprised that bottled water could be a problem. So did a quick search on this site and came across a reply from Kate which went some way toward answering your question.

    I would hope that the water problem could be overcome as Kate says 'some' bottled water contains sodium, which obviously is not good for our post liver transplant hard done by kidneys. So presumably there are non-sodium versions available. The other option is water purification tablets. A quick search on Amazon found 50 tabs for £1.43. Whatever you do, don't make the mistake of having ice in anything at all, especially drinks.

    As for the sunshine, a big floppy hat, loads of factor 50 plus sun block and do not forget really dark sunglasses.

    Think about it - they have liver transplants in Australia and other really hot countries.

    As you cant really guarantee the hygiene standards of a swimming pool that's something I would definitely avoid. As for the sea, just had a chat with Lucy and we agree on that one. Sadly we both concluded that the sea could be a problem simply because, same as in Britain there is sewage and industrial / agricultural outflow directly into the sea. Surfers in the UK are campaigning for cleaner seas and they complain of regular gastro-intestinal problems. They even have a map of safe from sewage beaches in the UK.

    You could also have a problem which you would have to run past your Transplant Team. Depending on where you are going to, you might require vaccinations.

    Not really a comprehensive reply, but I hope it goes some way to convince you that you should go. Not just for your husband but for you. It would be a huge milestone in your journey to getting back to a 'normal' life with your new liver.

    Let us know what you decide.

    Jim and Lucy

  • Thanks for the reply I was told same about the ocean. As for bottled water I was told it's because it's not treated therefore has no shelf life so can harbour bugs. Which for' normal people' doesn't really cause a threat. Even at home can only drink tap water. I think I'll stick to Britain. 😊

  • Hi gaynor, I went abroad in October last year just over a year after my transplant, the transplant team were fine about it , I think most of the restrictions are in the first 6 months and as long as you have not suffered any problems like rejection you would be fine just be careful what you eat and drink and make sure you use sunscreen, also I only went to Spain so short 2 1/2 hour flight , hope you get away ☀️☀️

  • I was thinking of next year when I'm over a year . I was thinking of Spain. Did u go in pool/sea x

  • Hello again , I went in the sea but not in the pool just my choice, I'm on my own with 3 kids so sometimes I have no choice really they only have me to amuse them, my transplant team are quite supportive, and as long as you are sensible and don't take any unnecessary risks things will be fine, I chose to go later in the year when it's not as warm or as busy , was a bit nervous but so glad I went, feel free to ask any questions I don't mind, 🌸🌸

  • Bless you. I love swimming too. I had a liver transplant in 2009 and whilst still at REHAB straight after the OP. I even was able to use the swimming pool in the clinic as soon as the staples had been pulled. I have been swimming ever since too. Avoiding or not getting too much sun is obvious. Although this was contradicted when my Vit. D was so low. The doctor then said to get a certain amount of sun !!!!! I wasn't to touch soil, plants or animals for a while and certainly had to wash everything thoroughly. Otherwise I was given no restrictions with eating (no GRAPEFRUIT of course) Now nearly 9 years later. Everything in moderation including "little sins" as WE might call them. All the best. I can understand your anxiety. Enjoy your holiday. But STILL CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR. He might think differently. xxxx

    P.S. I still have to confusingly add that I used to drink alcohol until 2 years before the transplant. Then after 8 years of complete abstinence not even a drop in gravy or a chocolate with anything in and having had the transplant (with cysts on the new liver) I was diagnosed with a fatty liver and 8.1 on the fibroscan. Very confused about that !!!!!

  • that's very strange x I think I will take the risk of swimming in pool and sea As we have to take a few risks to enjoy this second chance of life xx otherwise we could live in a sterile bubble and not LIVE lol xx

  • I think you've hit the nail on the head as far as I'm concerned, there are risks in everything in life, be sensible but you owe it to your donor to live your life.

  • Hi gaynor, that's my sentiment exactly, I haven't gone through what I have gone through to sit in the house and go stir crazy , and also I want to make good memories with my kids while I can but of course I would never do anything to jeopardise my health and I always take care and follow my consultants advice, 🤗🤗

  • I know someone who has been on holiday about /4 times in the 1/2 years after their transplant , and have seen many pics of them in the pool. I think common sense dictates here.

  • Yes ur right. I'd book a five star accommodation and go self catering and stay in EU . I'd prob book a week before we go as I have spells of feeling great then bad and knowing my look a bad spell would fall on dates I'd be going away lol .

  • I'm two years post transplant and currently enjoying the sun in Marbella. I went to Majorca last year 1 yr post op. The main thing is to ensure you have good travel insurance I didn't think I'd get it or have to pay a fortune but that wasn't the case surprisingly. Listen to your body be sensible in the sun and use nothing under factor 15 I tan quite easily but don't overdo it. Having travelled further prior to my illness I'm not very comfortable going outside of Europe. Life is for living you like I have had a second chance so be sensible and enjoy it. Happy holidays 😉

  • Hubby is 4 years post transplant 2 years post stroke. We waited a year post transplant for everything to heal and seal then we were off!

    Madeira first, then the Canaries several times. Then cruising round the Arabia Gulf then last Christmas flew to Barbados and cruised the Caribbean on Britannia. Swimming pool no problem. Sea no problem certainly be sensible with food, ice, salad and water but please don't let it stop you living life.

    We are seasoned travellers and have travelled the world but common sense always prevails.

    P20 factor 50 is what he has to use. No compromise there. T-shirt and hat on if he's in the sun. He is one of the pailest people on the plane home that's for sure.

    Yes travel insurance costs a bit more but a must have. We've used Avanti and Staysure.

    Small price to pay to be able to live life again.

    Don't be afraid. To to the coordinators to make sure all is ok and just go.

    Always look out for the L shaped scar and you will meet other transplantees we have.



  • Thanks for reply it has encouraged me no end. Can I ask what he drank water wise . Thanks x

  • Glad it's given you the confidence to go for it.

    Water any natural still water. No energy waters or mineral waters.

    Take it slowly try things in moderation. You'll be fine.

    We've just booked our longest one yet being 21 nights in Antigua for Xmas and new year.

    We'll take to the transplant team to coordinate it.

    Always take their contact details with you as Well as your last prescription just in case.

    Live every day as if it's your last. Living with memories is easier than living with regrets!


  • So true 😊. I'm sorrry to be a pain but I don't know what you mean by natural still water. I was told no bottled water only tap but you can't drink tap abroad .

  • Hi all, My wife & I have been talking about getting away for ages. I am 7 months post op & after a retry rocky start, am now feeling much stronger. Kings have told me UK is fine, leave foreign trips for 12 months, & log haul longer still.

    But even sticking to the UK initially still leaves some great options.

    We have spent a few days in Devon which was great.

    We live by the coast in Dorset & today I paddled a double kayak with my daughter for the first time in nearly 2 years. This felt like a great step forward for me.. especially on Father's Day!

    Good luck to all in regaining their lives.

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