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Lifted a heavy bag !

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I’m 9 weeks post tx and I lifted a heavy bag of shopping and carried it to the car thinking I’m superwoman !

I know I’ve been stupid and I’ve got lots of pain in my right side around where the liver is :(

Anyone else experienced this

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Hi Melwoods. Hopefully you haven't caused any problems other than a slight strain. It's really important not to lift after a transplant. I was told do not lift a kettle for 3 months or do any hoovering for 6 months. There have been a few people on the forum who have lifted heavy things too soon and caused a hernia. you should tell your transplant coordinator because it may need to be looked at. Keeping fingers crossed for you that all will be ok. Alf

Thanks :)

If the pain is really bad and you are worried you should really ring 111 and talk to someone.

Mel oh Mel!

I treated the advice too lightly and caused my abdominal muscles to give way (called Recti Varication). Due to surgery weakening this area. Not nice but then they will not operate because it is viewed as cosmetic surgery despite the fact that it is painful (it is still for me and I did this about 7 months post TP and I am now 10 months post TP.).

I am hopeful you haven’t caused this particular problem because the pain is straight down my middle and not on the side. So🤞 for you. But I have no medical knowledge whatsoever - only my experience!

Nevertheless be careful, please!


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Hi Mimo,

Please pay more mind to all that can go wrong! 😛😁

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You mean there’s more that can go wrong? ☹️

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Let's hope not! Are you washing the veggies? 😁

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Yes and I’m putting my suncream on 👍 😁

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Very good! 👍😁

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I should very think so!! :-) :-)

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Plonker comes to mind! 😣

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No direct pain in the middle Judt more internal around the right side !

If still like this tomorrow then I will go x c

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It can happen after childbirth too. Mdaughhter sufferred for 14 years with acute back pain. She no idea all her muscles had torn! She was having a husterectomy and needed scar tissue sorting from previous major surgery. She went private after experiencing hell! It was worth every penny. Its wrong to say its cosmetic if someone is in pain. She is amazed how its cured her back. Tried physio,acupuncture, etc before. Makes you wonder just how many people suffer severe back pain and this is never investigated.

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Hi Hazel

Thanks for that! Pain is pain isn’t it! I was thinking abut private but no idea what it might cost . I’m sure it must be in the thousands ☹️. I’m so glad it sorted out your daughter 👍


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She needed a hysterectomy and after a nightmare experience at our local hospital would not go back after having major emergency surgery. To save having 2 lots of anaesthetic she asked could her scars and torn muscles be done at the same time. The surgery on her muscles is available on the NHS, but a long wait, it was only due to needing the painful scar tissue removing that the cause of her back pain was diagnosed. If she had just had the muscle repair and painful scar tissue removed it would have been 5K. She wanted it done in the school holidays so she wouldnt be off work. One use of theatre, one room etc for both procedures so she got a discount. They are not minted, but now she is pain free and sorted!

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That’s great Hazel. Although expensive it’s probably around what I thought - actually a bit cheaper - so thanks for that info. It’s a question of how much is your health worth to you (me!) in some respects isn’t it!


Hi. How are you feeling this morning. Is the pain still bad?

Yes can hardly move again lol

I will have to keep on the morphine !

You really should get it looked at. Best to be safe than sorry. Ring your transplant coordinator and tell them what's happened and they will advise you. Very best wishes. Alf.

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I agree with Alf

Please get this checked out!

Love Trish x

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I spoke to transplant co this morning as they rang to decrease my prograf.. she said if the pain gets any worse then to go to a and a and get bloods done etc x

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Well done , at least there aware and It's a start! Please take care x

That's good news about the prograf then :-) While you are still hurting I don't think that you should even lift a kettle :-(

I have no experiance but my advice would be to go to hospital and get checked.

AND I would go right now, not put it off till later!


I'm 23 months post transplant and in March this year had a large hernia repair operation. It was directly related to the incision from my original transplant as some immune suppressants interfere with the body's natural ability to heal, leaving stitched areas quite vulnerable.

Surgeons won't touch a hernia repair for at least a year after your transplant as everything needs to heal inside.

As other comments have mentioned, it's quite possible that you have the start of a hernia and should see somebody about that. Of course we are not experts on here but we have our own little experiences.

I was told not to lift more than 5kg for at least 3 months after my hernia operation. It's a little over 3 months now and I'm still very cautious!

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I had a moment of madness :(((

Hi. How are you doing now. Did you get it checked out? Pain has eased I hope. Alf

Still not too good . I will go hospital tomorrow if still the same

Thanks for asking 😄

Wish that you would go today! Big SLAP!! :-(

Hi Mel. How are you doing? Has the pain subsided?

I really feel for you, it is so easy to just move and lift stuff without realising its a no no. I was a goody 2 shoes when I had a full hysterectomy, even bought a lightweight vacuum lol. I imagine you were probably strong at one time, as I was. If something needed moving,shifting or lifting I just did it. I am paying for it now mind. Be quicker to say which joints and tendons escaped damage !. My test now is if I cant lift it with 2 fingers, I DONT! Your unfortunate in that you have probably been a doer, , before you were crocked? Hope you have had a narrow escape this time. It is so difficult at times. I had emergency major abdo. surgery in February , so still on the no lifting rules. Hang up your Mrs Independent hat, its against our natures but ask someone to help. Im getting pretty good at it now. There are some very kind people out there. Hazelxx

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