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Bile duct cancer

In Dec my husband came home from work earlynot feeling well. The next day he was high step walking and acting like he was having a stroke. So I called 911 and went to the hospital and they admitted him. started running heart test and he is slso diabetic and they gave him ambien to help him sleep. That put him in a coma like state for 2 days. Long story short found out he had hep c and cirrohis of the liver 4th stage and his hemoglobin was 5.9 and he had to have blood transfusion. Since then found out he had bleeding varicies. They banded those. He also had a tumor growing rapidly and now he is diagonosed with bile duct cancer and is also in the liver. He has short term memory bad and sometimes has issues walking and has to take laculose to keep his ammonia level down which bumps is sugar level up. He has problems making it to the bathroom. Now were waiting on y90 procedure in April and he could die from it or they said it could give him 6 months to live. He has no life insurance and Im scared for him and me becoming homeles over it all.

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I feel so sorry for you. - medical problems and the social problems as well. Bile duct cancer is very rare- has he been referred to a unit which is a specialist in this field. . Good luck, and do keep in touch via these pages. Ask every question you can think of!


Thank you.


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Are you in the UK? If so, you may want to phone our helpline for a chat on 0800 652 7330

The British Liver Trust also have a lot of information on our website that may be useful for you, see link here to our publications;

We also have information on benefits and entitlemenets.

With regards to bile duct cancer, there is a charity that is specifically dedicated to Cholangiocarcinoma, it is called AMMF. Here is the link;

If you are not in the UK, here is the link to The International Liver Health Alliance;

or the USA; ( American Association for the study of liver diseases)

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