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Gallbladder pain

Hi all,

I have recently been diagnosed with gallstones having had several 'attacks', raised lf and ultrasound results. For the last week I have been suffering with constant, reasonably intense pain. I saw my GP who said this was normal with GB and prescribed a stronger dose of co-codamol. It takes the edge off, but the pain is still there- it moves from my back to my front. I've struggled to find anything to suggest that this pain is indeed normal, as most info just suggests the attacks are the cause of pain. I also have chills and nausea, occasional hotness and no jaundice. I am on a low fat diet.

I'm on the waiting list (6 months) for surgery, and cannot imagine spending that time with this constant pain? Although the attacks are awful pain, at least they aren't constant!

I'd be really grateful for any advice. Thanks in advance.

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hi Max. yes gallstones can causes very severe pain. i was back and forward to the hospital many times. there are many posts on this forum on gallstones. so if you click the search button at the top right of this page you and type gallstones into it will find lots of them to read but i will share with you what i know about them and what happend to me. first of all eat a very low fat diet. they ask us to eat each meal only 3% fat. this is very hard to achieve.to make it easy just dont eat any fried food or greasy or oily food. no cheese cream butter or marg or pizzza or creamy pasta's and try and eat only food made by yourself, no ready meals as they are full of rubbish anyway. eat very small meals so that you dont overload your system as it tries to break it down. as the gallbladder stores bile and releases it after we have eaten to digest food. so the more fat or difficult to digest food we eat the more the gallbladder has to work to release the bile and this is what i think causes part of the pain. i do know that hot and cold feeling. its awful. i was always on fire and sweating and burning up. the thing with gallstones is things can change quite quickly and if the pain gets worse go back to your doctor and get stronger pain killers. the medical profession know all about the pain that gallstones can cause. if it gets unbearable phone 111 or just go up to accident and emergency. if your in lots of pain you can ask your doctor to recommend that you are fast tracked up the list as you have severe symptoms. do not be afraid to go to the hospital. infact i got better treatment from them than i did from my doctor and was prescribed tramadol which is a very good pain killer for this kind of pain, when i went up to A and E they told me not to hesitate coming back if the pain got bad again. as i ended up with the stone in my bile duct. It was infected too and had to have my whole bile duct removed and reconstructed with bowel tissue. i dont want to scare you but i want you to feel confident that you do not have to suffer this pain. yes it can start round the back of the right shoulder and moved to the right upper quadarant and affect all the area at the same time. i had burning indgestion for which i got omeprazole for and i also had tummy cramps and i got buscopan for that.there are so many different symptoms that people suffer with this condition. drink plenty of water as that helps the system keep flushed out too. keep in touch with us im not 100% today but when i see posts on gallstones i just have to say something as i know the intense pain they cause and the dangers of not seeking hospital treatment if the pain gets unbearable. i hope that this is some help to you Max. sending my best wishes if you want to ask anything just get in touch again. love grace xoxoxo



The British liver trust have a publication on gallstones that you may find useful to read;


See pages 10-12 that highlight some symptoms that may indicate when a complication has arisen, and you should go to your A&E department at your nearest hospital immediately.

We hope that is helpful,

Best wishes,



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