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Gallstone with gallbladder lesion?

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I have stable cirrhosis of liver. The latest ultra sound shows gall stone and lesion in gall bladder. Once in a while I have sharp pain in my right upper abdominal,and a deep,dull ache threw my right shoulder blade into my right back chest area. Dr. said they will address this at my next testing in six months. What should I do till then? Any thoughts from anyone on this would be appreciated. Thanks, David.

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dont eat full fat cheese or greasy food. no pizza 's or cream or anthing like that or high in fat. eat little and often. scrambled eggs fish porridge don't eat any low fat foods as they have mostly all been chemically treated and try to make your own food from scratch. noneof those over ready meals as they are full or salt and sugar and stuff i can even produnouce. if you to to the search box at the top of the page on the right hand side you can look and seach for gallbladd diet or even just gallbladder and you should get plenty information there. sorry i cant be more helpful at the moment im sleeping on my feet. i hope this helps a bit. love grace xoxo

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I had my gall bladder out in October 1985 when I was 20!! If you feel yourself getting worse go to a and e or phone your consultant's secretary to see if you can get an earlier appointment, explain how you are feeling and that you can't wait 6 months!! Take care Lynne

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Thanks Lynne. If I get any more pains I will go to the E.R. at the hospital. I feel like my Gastro. doctor is insensitive to my well being. Time is very important to people like us. I feel like a number and paycheck to my "Gastroenterologist". Thanks Lynne

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That makes you 43 then Lynne - what a give away!

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No, I'm 53!!

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Oh my Lynne - you have to get used to my SOH. 😁. Yes I know it’s childlike but hey I’ve just been “reborn” so who knows 😁


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Lol. You know not with it cos of lack of sleep. Mind you my sons and hubby would have said that's the norm for me !!😁Take care Lynne

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😁 I don’t believe it for a minute Lynne!

Nighty Night.


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Ha ha

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Hi ihateparkinsons

Has your consultant provided a rationale why they will not investigate the lesion any further now?

You may want to discuss this with them again and also if needed with your GP.

Best wishes


Thanks for good advice. I will give them a call or if bad becomes worse; I will visit the hospital E.R.

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Yes, you must visit the hospital's a and e, it's not right that you have to wait so long when you are feeling like this. It's hard fighting your corner, I know I've done it for myself and other people, it's very tiring. Also, take someone with you if you can and write anything down that you want to ask. I do this as I know I will forget as soon as I get there. Take care Lynne

Be careful leaving it cause when I had mine out in the 90s it had gone gungy and they had to scrape it off my liver

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Oh that sounds nice..... Yoiks julie!

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