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I really want to say this site has really helped me in caring for my hubby who has cirrhosis due to hep-b.before he was diagnosed I kinda knew because varices were found during endoscopy. Well he was having upper pain it it turned out that he had primary liver cancer. He lost so much weight and before we knew he was in so much pain .we were to go for embolization before he became jaundiced.ascites odema.confusion.shaky fingers hiccup.within few weeks.had to be admitted.but by the Grace of only God we made it out after two weeks.but hospital was not a good experience. Here in nigeria at least we're I stay.if you have cirhosis it's more like a death sentence. To start with youre not taken care of at all.people kept deing uncontrollably all they do is give you tenovifir and that's the hospital I saw lives that would have been saved if more care was taken.we had to stand firm and get all the things needed and precaution with serious prayers.Here if you don't have God your on your own.cause the hospitals can't offer much then antibiotics.we don't even get the opportunity of liver transplant.who talks about that so when I see post of people here talking about liver transplant am just so surprised but happy for them too.where I come from if ur liver is bad.dats all.expect you travel to india or someplace.well right now hubby isdoing fyn.we doing all out best and are never going to give up cos theres hope at the end of the tunnel.i just pray our hospital system could be like yours.thanks for all the post.they helped us

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We are so pleased that the forum has helped you.

Sending very best wishes to your husband and yourself,



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