I have so much to share as all this hit our home too! Stop drinking and your health/etc. will thank you!

Hi all -

In less than one month, my fiancé of 12 years, passed away from cirrhosis of the liver and was told LAST NOVEMBER!

My heart aches for those feeling the symptoms he felt (at fifty years young) and he drank potent liquors (I have pictures of all the bottles, in assorted sizes, that he had hidden)

He had swelling in places you would not want! Abdomen (ascites) arms, fingers, legs/etc.

He was on many medications, diuretics too, had over 16 blood transfusions in over three weeks time, at two hospitals, after all the tests he had and the last conclusion, his doctor recommended was a hospice center/home and that was his ending, after he signed off on no machines/etc. to sustain his life further!!! (When he was able to do so)

I wish you ALL luck, have all the tests needed and switch doctors if needed. I to, drink wine after getting home from my stressful job, that I love but stopped, then started again but stopped for good now, as I don't want to put my older daughters/etc. through the bad events I /his family went through. We were to be married this November for our 13th anniversary but WE never did get that far. 'I' have LOTS of happier RECENT memories of him, his love, laughs, sharing his deep heartfelt feelings, and poems he wrote, letters, places we went and so much more, that I'm very grateful for, not just past memories!!!! But the sadness and more will be a part of me forever!!! WE will be together again, as he told me over and over when he was feeling poorly. I know this to be true! Amen! I love and miss you, your amazing humor, and sage advice too!!! So much more I won't share here <<tears>> Blessings all (Be safe for you and your loved ones, is all I can say). Believe! You have time to turn it ALL around. Then, take action to do so! I care. Blessings!!! - S -

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  • So sorry for your loss. All the very best to you for the future. Xxx

  • I am very very sorry for your loss I send my deepest sympathies. I could of ended up like your Husband. I was lucky I drank too excess for years. The worse thing is the denial. People may think that what I went through was bad but it's better than death. I started having episodes of Varices where I was vomiting a very lot of blood each time,but it was a blessing in disguise. After the 3rd episode I was found collapsed in my living room and was virtually dead.

    It took a Doctor and 2 Paramedic teams to resuscitate me. I was then placed into induced coma when I reached Hospital I was given a 10% chance of survival. Amazingly I did then a TIPS procedure was carried out. After 12 days I emerged from the Coma. I haven't drank since March 2013 and although I have health issues I have a decent quality of life.

    I had a MRI scan in 2014 and was told my Liver had improved by 15% I have been so,so lucky

  • I really feel for you,I have auto immune hepatitis and was completely tee total.However my ex husband who I am still close to is an alcoholic .I have begged him to stop after reading people's stories, but he is one of those people in denial.Just remember that non of this was your fault .You no doubt tried to help him over the years as I did. I hope you manage to eventually come to terms with all this,the shock is the worst bit,I know this sounds patronizing but things will get better for you,just remember the good times not the bad.Wishing you the very best x

  • My heart goes out to you and I hope time will heal. Xx

  • Thank you so much ShePaul. I've recently quit with all tests clear and never want to look back again. Really sorry to hear about you fiancé. I wish you and your daughters the best of luck and happiness for the future.

  • My heart goes out to you and your family. I'm so sorry for your loss and commend your courage in writing that post to help others. I have just been diagnosed with Diabetic Cirrhosis (I don't drink) which I've NEVER heard of and have no idea of what my future holds.

    God bless my prayers are with you all.

  • Hi, I am sure every one on this site will be saddend by your news, you will be in every ones thoughts and hearts. May I ask if you will keep on posting on this site. You have a wealth of experience to share with us all and would be an asset to every one on this site. You are now certainly in my thoughts. Take care. Xx

  • Sincere thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family...


  • ill keep it short and sweet so so sorry to her this may god or whatever you may beleave in be with him and you and your family xx

  • Hi shepaul

    So very sorry for your loss and pain you have had to bear, hope all goes well for you and your family, yes please keep posting as you do have a wealth of experience, that could inspire us all. Annette !!!

  • My deep condolences for your loss. Sadly, most heavy drinkers do not realize how serious are the consequences for their livers. This precious organ does over 500 functions. What is also frustrating is that there are many medical practitioners that fail to give an adequate diagnosis and treatment of the liver disease complicating matters more for the patient and his/her family. I hope that is not your case. I also hope that at some point you can share this painful but valuable experience with others in this forum or another medium.

  • My heart goes out to you! I hope you stay in the group like everyone said you have a wealth of information so sorry for your loss

    Hugs Benita

  • So so sorry to hear about your loss shePaul 24 i very much feel for you.

    my huband is the last stages of cirrhosis of the liver not through drinking but medication he was taking for his Arthritis.

    An I am looking forward to the day what you an your daughter have to face sending BIG HUG TO YOU BOTH LOVE


  • NOT

  • Good luck and thankyou for sharing the emotional effects from your own personal perspective, shepaul. I think its stories like these that reach people and possibly make them stop and think about their own families and loved ones, and, how its not just themselves that they,re hurting. If just a handful of alcoholic cirrhosis sufferers stop drinking on the back of this email then youve possibly saved lives.

    Thanks again and good luck for the future.

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