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No gym this morning ! Can you eat spicy foods with possible PBC

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Good Morning Caring Bunch!,

Don't be shocked but I'm looking for advice! Most of you are aware that I go to the gym daily for 2 hours and I've been eating healthy for well over 12 months losing quite a lot of weight.

Well last night I took a friend out for a curry and to be perfectly honest I avoided having a curry as I'm trying my best to fit into a nice black dress for a ball a week on Saturday!,

Anyway last night I had lamb and chicken tikka with salad plus a mint yogurt dip. To drink I had tonic with lemon so all healthy. Within 20 minutes my upper gut had swollen out and this morning woke very hot with nausea plus a we ache around my liver region so never went to the gym! πŸ˜”

Does anyone have issue's with spicy food that can cause these type of symptoms with PBC as it's never happened before after eating this type of food!

Any advice helpful as I love my spicies 😁

I'm seeing my GP the 1st July and will mention this along with the itch skin return


30 Replies
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Hi Trish,

Sorry to say we have not experienced this type of reaction to food. Hopefully, someone will answer who has.

Wishing you a speedy recovery!! And the very best to fitting into that black dress, I'm still trying to lose enough to get into my less fat clothes and have been trying for last 10 years or so LOL.

Again, wishing you a speedy recovery,


p.s. Could it be some type of food poisoning? the chicken or yogurt just a bit off?

Cheers Mary for note! I'm glad to say Im feeling slightly better, the nausea has gone but upper gut still puffed! I'm sure it had nothing to do with food poisoning! Maybe my blummin inflammed Esophagus hasn't fully recovered which was detected a few months back after another camera investigation ! I might have to avoid spicy foods for awhile πŸ˜” until I see GP about my latest blood tests.

Your so funny 😁 less fat clothes! Why do we all say and have these in our wardrobes! Maybe if I put my mind to it I might clear my wardrobe out! Lol

Take care and speak again soon xxx

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Sorry Trish, I can't help you with that oneπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯, I wouldn't let a curry get the better of me like that😁😁


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Thanks David !

Hope your days been ok with Annie being away !

Take care


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Thanks Trish, all good here😊😊


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Hi David

For some reason I have another message from you on my.message menu which is not below!!!

I've just arrived home from the gym! Yep I risked it! 🀣

I can normally eat anything including curries as long as there's no fat or cream added! Last nights food did cause me to have wobble which is so unlike me! It could have been the oil they used for cooking which Wass71 mentioned! Unfortunately I do have a sensitive gut with regards to any medication! Maybe oils now or its something else !

Thanks David aka Lord Lou and others for your notes.

Nighty nite


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Hi Trish, there's something weird going on with this thread ( apart from me😁😁) . I received notification of a reply by Popel by email, but when I clicked the link, the message wasn't there, so didn't get to read it all. It was about George Best, did you see it? With the oil in curries, it might be the Ghee Butter they use, just a thought.

Thanks Trish, sleep tight, Goliath slayer 🀣🀣🀣

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Hi Davi Lou

Nope on the George Best comment! You could be right on the Ghee but at the same time I'm shocked how quickly it effected my system and threw me off balance!

Nighty nite


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I don't think PBC is a reason for avoiding spicy foods. You may find you don't tolerate fats as well, and this could cause your symptoms. From my experience of curries from restraunts they use a lot of oil or ghee in the cooking, along with meat fats that quite a lot to deal with.

However, as you say you may have other things going on, I wouldn't know if your diagnosis would cause that reaction.

I hope you feel better soon, and it doesn't reoccur.

Stay well,


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Thanks Wass71! I'm just keeping a diary for now! Lol

Hope your ok ?


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Trish do you take omeprazole before eating a meal? This helps me (on the odd occasion that I do eat) πŸ™„πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ Hope your ok now. Keep on at the docs, surely a biopsy would give an outcome for you. Jane xx

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Hi Jane

Yes on the medication front which I take every morning without fail!😁

I'm still keeping the diary as you suggested 😁 so thanks for keeping me on track!

Hope your ,both having a wonderful break!

Love to you both ! Cannot wait to see you x


Hi Trish. It could well just be because you have been eating so well and healthily for a while, that rich spicy food like a curry came as a bit of a shock to your system and your body wanted to reject it.

Take care lots of love


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Thanks Laura

That's another good point!' Oh well back to watching England vs Japan footie!

Nighty nite and again cheers

Love Trishy x

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Hi, my partner had PBC and a very poorly liver as a result. He found fatty and high salt content foods affected him this way. He ended up eating very plain foods and no takeaways. All fine now post transplant but he’s not going mad on takeaways X

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Hi Jammymags

Thanks for your note!

One of my hobbies for many years was cooking and entertaining lots of friends as I'm a socialable person😁Unfortunately I loved rich foods, cream, naughty cheeses, red meats etc for my recipes!

Since being informed I may have PBC my food habits have completely changed.

I only eat a very small amount of cheese once in awhile. No cream, never liked salt ever, but do add to food for flavor now and then. I never eat meats with fat on and always grill, steam or bake!

I'm now going to monitor my cooking if spicy are added, but to date I've had no reaction to my cooking.

It could be the oils the Indian restaurant use?

Bye for now !



How are you feeling today? I agree with everyone on here, they are a great group of people. Take care Lynne

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Hi Lynne

I'm much better today thank you , i am however avoiding foods with oil and spicies for a we while until my tum is fully recovered. I may then carry out an experiment on myself to see if cooking with oil or spices flares my tum up again as this will confirm either way!

Hows you ? X


Sorry for late reply but I've been good and now have got the runs!! Typical. Please take care. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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Sorry to hear this! Please take care and thanks for note x

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Hi Lynne

Hows tummy this morning? Do you have any idea what caused the flare up?

Just to let you and others know, I'm trying to pull myself together again after receiving the wonderful messages and support from 'YOU' my lovely adorable friends on this forum which I cannot thank you all enough for! I truely mean every word from deep within this sloppy sentimental heart of mine !

I'm going to try and sort out my personal problem when it arises again and hopefully my 'strict' ex nursing tactics will sink in, if not then you may all have to be a shoulder to cry on!

Lynne please keep me updated on how you are ?

I love you guys for who you are, Angel's in disguise fighting the cause !

Trishi πŸ’•xxx

You are very welcome. How are you feeling today? Love and hugs Lynne

Ps I meant not good!! Xxxx

Thank you. How are you feeling today?Very sore everywhere today!! Tummy has settled, though. Please take care. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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Did you read my mind ! I realised after sending my last note that I never did mention my re occurring gut problem ! Well it's slightly better and the flu type symptom have eased too! However they do keep flaring up out of the blue these last few months which Jane has recommended I keep a diary of for discussion with my GP next Monday! However I'm concerned that if I mention these flare ups he might not give me sign off for the sky dive which I'm determined to do with a blind fold on🀣🀣🀣

Thank you again for we notes! Please take care too!

Love Trish , Trishy, Trishi and Rock ChickπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• I do have a few other family nick names but won't mention these 😁


How did you go on at the DRS?I'm seeing mine at 3. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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My appointment is at 8.10 am next Monday 1st of July which is my birthday and would have been Princess Diana too! Daft isn't it but I still miss her as she was an inspiration to the Royal Family whom I'm not really into! However, I do like Prince William and Harry plus wifey's and kiddies but that's about it! The new younger generation I'm all for!!!!

Blummin heck were the hell did this all come from ! Errrrrrrrr

Love and hugs Trish πŸ’•


I know what you mean. We shouldn't have to put up with all this. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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Hang on in there ! I'm here for you too! Nuts, bolts, bones and the occasional forgetful mixed up me who seems to be losing it!

Oh well back to cutting the second half of the lawn followed by the strimming ! I'm trying my best to keep going whilst hubby has a glass of wine!!!!!!!!

Bye for now sweetpea! X

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Especially as I'm almost tea total! One or two drinks a month if that ! Errrr

Thank you. I'm very forgetful too!! I think I have brain fog with all my many conditions. My family and friends are used to me now!! Love and hugs to you and yours Lynne xxxx

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