Fatty Liver

Hello, I had my gallbladder removed 2years ago and now have a fatty liver also high cholesterol (8)

I have followed a low fat diet and cut out bread and alcohol, I can not loose any weight (which the hepatolagist recommended I do)

In the 2 years I have gained nearly 3 stone.

I have read that I could have a problem with my thyroid but blood tests say I am 'within the range'.

My mood is low and it would seem the only answer is to take statins which is something I am reluctant to do.

I take a probiotic and omega 3 supplement but is there anything else that would help?

No one in my family has high cholesterol even though the thought is I have familial cholesterol anemia.

I have seen a hepatologist who advices a low fibre diet because I have IBS.

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  • hiya magsnollie. i must have missed this post do you think that you have put the weight on since having your gallbladder removed. also when you say you have followed a low fat diet do you mean your buying stuff that says low fat? as that isnt good for our bodies. its usually filled with sugar to make up for the lack of taste. we need good fats in our bodies to keep us healthy. things like nuts and seeds. have you thought about cutting out dairy. or cutting out most of it? try eating lots of fruit and vegetables and cut out ready made meals too , its much healthier to make our own foods from scractch. its not difficult once we get started. i used to eat ready meals a lot but i very seldom do now. the only ready meal i have eaten in a long time is a curry. i'v had my gallbladder out to. 10 months ago. there are parts of this forum for a healthy diet and the british liver trust has links for fatty liver diets im sure. welcome to the forum and im sorry that no one has replied to you. if your still around let me know and i will look for more things to help with our diet. love grace xoxoxo

  • Hi Grace,

    2years ago I had by Gallbladder removed after one bout of severe pain, the surgeon said recently that if I had IBS before then unfortunately surgery exasperates this.

    The Liver specialist recommends a low fibre diet and I now found out I have a yeast intolerance it's a nightmare trying to find foods I CAN eat, I have never struggled to loose weight like I do now... which what I really need to do to feel better.

    I have cut out bread and alcohol and have had 2 nutritionist consultations.

    I avoid ready meals and try to eat freshly cooked salmon with green beans.

    I take a probiotic and omega 3 daily and try to up my excersie daily... I was told to avoid porridge but need to eat it for breakfast which I do and add blueberries or other fresh fruit, I also have high cholesterol, it was about 8 but thankfully that is coming down slowly ( don't want to get on statins if I can help it)

    I am seeing a gastroenterologist next month so hopefully he can help.

    I have never seen so many ologists, maybe I need to see a psychologist!!!!


  • hi magnoille iv been in my bed for weeks on and off and iv never been well since i had my gallbladder removed i had quite a magor operation that lasted 5 hours as my gallstone was stuck to my bile duct and started to get glued up with infection so i had to have the bile duct reconstructed. im going back to see the surgeon on tuesday coming iv been wating since january i was lucky as someone cancelled and i got their appointment im up in scotland. you made me laugh when you said maybe you should see a psycholigist.so if you have IBS then you dont want to have to much fibre. i dont see porridge as having that much fibre there are loads of good b vitamins in porridge and you seem to be eating a good diet. the thing with me is my appetite has got huge since i had my gallbladder out.i have heard a lot about statins and i wouldnt take them either not that im advising anyone else not to take them. i eat lots of eggs as the cholesterol in eggs is not the same as the cholesterol in our bodies and i was told they are safe to eat. i also eat a lot of meat. mostly organic. strangely enough i dont eat yogurt as i stopped all dairy food years ago and the weight fell of me but i'v stared to eat tiny slithers of cheeese on toast, i mean i slice it so thin its almost invisibe and now im putting a little butter on steamed veg with i have most days, potao skins have firbe and yes you have the yeast thing going on to how awful for you bread and beer would certainy cause that as they are full of sugar. however i thing that there are good carbs and bad ones i eat brown bread as its and i try to have brown rice and pasta but not always. as tesco is where i usually shop and its stopped lots of organic produce now i get my mean from england. its frozen when it arrived. i know some peopl who developed irratible bowel after getting their gallbladder removed. i need to go back to bed as im so tired i had a sleeping pill last night and i always pay for it the next day. i havent really been on the forum much for a few days as im in bed. im so glad i found this post i hate the though of you not getting an answer. did you know that there is parts of this forum for diet. heathy eating and i not sure if there is IBS but im sure there must be. would it be good if you followed a diet like people with diateties ? im will come back later or tomorrow and have a look around the forum and see if i can find anything that i think will help you. there is also a search button on the top right hand side of the page maybe you could type high cholesterol and IBS and see if you can get some help on what to eat. all my love for now. wishing you well. love grace xoxoxo

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