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I am now back at home have been for 5 days. But need advice off ones who have had a transplant, whilst in hospital they changed my antirejection tabs and I also thought I was having problems with my ibs and I was blaming the hospital food ooops. Anyway I have read side effects of Meds and it explains symptoms I have, I only put together because I thought going back to a fresh food diet would help but it hasn't. Anyway I look like I am pregnant with a baby bloody elephant and I am very constipated. Just wondering if anyone has experienced same on advagraf?

I am also having problems with building my muscles back up I am struggling with stairs and if I sit on anything low I need help getting up, I don't think having another 3 weeks in hospital helped but I was definitely stronger before I went in. Due to having the problems with my torso I feel heavy so can't walk far at moment so has anyone have any ideas on how I can improve muscle tone from home..... Thanks

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  • I also have ibs, never put it down to meds but it could well be. Had it before transplant to though and thought it was because of the liver, but then again I also have coeliac disease which doesn't help either. Nothing really helps with it although it seems the less processed food I have it improves.

    Being in hospital for three weeks will not help with the muscles. I think walking is one of the best ways of getting yourself built back up.

  • Thanks for that I am same had ibs since I was a baby and fresh food has always been for me... That's why I was blaming hospital food. But with no improvement since home that is why it has to be the Meds, luckily back in Leeds tomorrow so will definitely be bringing it up I will let you know what they say.

  • advagraf is what they changed me to. It's easier on ur kidneys etc. In the beginning I struggled with it but months in I'm fine. Better than the adaport. It's gonna take time to build back up. I'm still struggling with muscle. I remember bending down and not having the upper body strength to get back up. My son had to sit me on the floor and get me up. I had to walk everyday it hurt but by doing that and simple things washing up etc it came back. Glad ur home x

  • I am just so impatient lol and hate feeling like an old woman trying to get up my stairs, but thanks it's good to know it will take time x

  • I know 😞 it's hard but you will get there. You know you will. I've gotta go back into Leeds. Got a hernia on my liver transplant scar 😢 x

  • Oh deary me is your scar down and across then? Mine is right under my breasts and I pleased with how well it healed. I think other people's perceptions of where I should be up to don't help my frame of mind with strength aspect, but I do tell myself my body is also getting over the last 4 years of illness as well.

    I hope you get your hernia sorted but at least the surgeons in Leeds are geniuses x

  • yeah my scar is the middle of my breasts and across to the right. Told me it would be a Mercedes badge but missing a bit lol. The top healed badly it came open right away. It's very thick now. The scar across is a perfect neat line. Hope you feel better quickly. Yeah dreading going with this hernia. Surgeons at Leeds are fantastic I just wasn't planning any more operations ever. Had enough of them now xx

  • Hi ive just had my transplant four days before xmas lovely present ,two weeks in the kings ,up today for weekly assesment ,doing well but stiff , the meds are very powerfull and blow your mind ,which delayed my leaving hospital ,loss two stone mind didnt eat for 7-10 days no fluids by mouth for a week then just sips ,the foods not good which doesnt inspire you to eat back home i gained 6pounds in 5 days so going the right way the only time i had blown stomach was when i had asities tor two & half years regards Dez

  • Have been home 2 months & only just starting to get my appetite back. Eating lots of soup & have put a few pounds on. Agree about the food at Kings!!

    Seems to be taking an age to get any real steps towards normality. Scar still painful & mess knock me out. Keep walking a bit more each day. I guess time is the healer & don't be worried by other people's assumptions of how fast you should progress. Can't all be like Phil Mitchell!!!

  • lol at the Phil Mitchell comment. He's certainly cracking on isn't he?

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