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Looking for some help not sure how to put this out there. 3 months ago I had my gallbladder removed because of problems since then I've been in so much pain. I've had ultrasounds done everything looked normal. This past Thursday I was taken to hospital by ambulance I was in so much pain this has been going on since 6 weeks after I had gallbladder removed. At the hospital they took blood work they told me that my blood was elevated but don't know why. They gave me morphe that didn't work they put me on IV for fluids and they kept me over night. Transferred me to a different hospital that could do a cat-scan the CT scan showed a mass on my liver but the surgeon that I had at this hospital was very very ignorant told me to go home there was nothing wrong with me meanwhile I'm two hours away from home at this Hospital my mother was closer to this Hospital so she and my aunt pick me up. My husband met me at my moms then my mother and husband took me to a bigger hospital that evening they did test and it shows there something wrong with my liver where the other Hospital didn't do anything for me I'm still in so much pain this narcotic pills are not doing anything for the pain please help if you could thank you much appreciated

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  • I cant be much help. However I think it is terrible you are in so much pain. Looking on the internet, there are a few things could be causing it. You certainly should not be ignored!! All the best to you

  • Sorry I can't help there either. But I do feel for you. Bless you. I had my gall bladder removed when I had my liver transplant. It certainly sounds very peculiar that you are having these problems and not be taken lightly. Get 2nd opinions - you are entitled to. I wish you all the best. Stay strong & determined to find the correct doctor. Keep us informed. Best wishes ...............

  • Thank you both and I will keep yous updated.

  • Well I have to see my surgeon on Thursday. But honestly I don't know if I can wait that long. I'm in so much pain, I want to throw up but nothing will come up, I'm always freezing, I'm dizzy , have no energy just want to sleep and to top it all off my uncle passed away on Saturday with cancer I have a wake to go to tomorrow , Wednesday a funeral and then burial.

  • You poor thing. I am sorry about your uncle. Things like that just add pressure and make your own symptoms worse. I know the feeling of freezing and dizziness too. All I can say is "keep strong". I am even sure your uncle would understand if you donot attend the funeral. He will be in your heart always. Just keep calm if you do. I attended my mums funeral 7 months after my transplant. I unfortunately collapsed at the grave and was admitted to hospital with suspected heart attack. So please be careful and do what you think is best. The very best of luck on Thursday.


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