Liver recovery is possible

I have just been rejected for the Resolve IT trial which is incredible. A year ago I was diagnosed with severe fibrosis and bridging septa, I finally made some severe changes to my lifestyle and my biopsy just over a year later shows no inflammation. I knew it would have improved but never dreamt it would be so good, It has well been worth all the hard work. Feeling really grateful.


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  • What severe changes did you make?

  • I completely changed what I eat and greatly reduced quantities, I have also started exercising, walking every day and can now swim over 1200 m without stopping. It took over a year of knowing my liver was bad before I made any changes. I lost 5 1/2 stone.

  • very well done. all the best for more good health. i am changing my way of life also and have already changed my diet. love grace xoxoxo

  • Best of luck with your changes

  • It is inspiring to hear how effective your lifestyle changes have been. I have been doing a lot of research concerning the affects of certain foods on liver inflammation. I was diagnosed with AIH this summer. My GI doctor admitted to me that he doesn't know much about nutrition or the effectiveness (for example:) of one calcium supplement over another - doesn't understand that some are more easily absorbed than others. It took us a few months to get to the point where he actually listens to me now. The two areas I really need to work on now are meditation and exercise. I recently lost my best-paying gardening job because my employer's grant money for her Permaculture farm ran out. Not working long hours outside every day, I was able to see an immediate change in my health and my liver enzyme levels began to rise. Also, starting around Thanksgiving I wasn't quite as diligent with my food changes. Since Christmas, I have worked hard to get back on track. I am becoming better at recognizing which foods cause liver inflammation and immediate negative reactions. And I have started working with an excellent nutritionist who has been working in his field for over 40 years. I am also looking into homeopathy and acupuncture. I feel good about the current path I am on. It does require diligence, awareness and openness to new ideas, (and a doctor willing to let me try things he doesn't understand). His stance now is that, "at the end of the day, I am responsible for my own health and we are working as partners to make me well."

  • Funny my doctor kept saying lifestyle changes but i dont remember him giving advice on what this should like like and things to avoid eating. I had to work this out for myself.


  • My GI doctor never told me lifestyle changes were effective although he agreed that a healthy diet was probably better than eating chips and processed foods and drinking sodas. Most of the diet info I found out about through my own research. My GI doctor kept having the erroneous idea that I took a bunch of supplements. He didn't want me on any supplements. The only thing I took (when I remembered) at the time was some mult B vitamins my daughter sometimes had leftover. Then he ended up telling me I should take Calcium and D-3. I have since read that Magnesium is improving to take with Calcium. And Vit. C and Zinc are also improve. And from this site and my younger sister I found out that Biotin can help with hair loss caused by the Aza. So now I'm on more supplements than I ever have been in my life! Kind of ironic. Lol

  • Spell-checker on phone changed important to improve in my above reply. Have no idea why?

  • Good nutrition! Yes! Our bodies are wonderful and can heal give them everything they need!

  • Sounds good. .what are the foods you now eat?

  • Wonderful news Anne - was that NAFLD? I am in the same boat - fibroscan of 8.6 a year ago - waiting on biopsy results now.

  • Yes it is NAFLD, More precisely NASH, Non alcoholic Steato hepatitis, My fibroscan score was 30.7 Kpa, I haven't had a recent one to see how this has improved. The results of my biopsy were non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, grade 6/8 activity with no evidence of autoimmune pathology. There is also advanced fibrosis with bridging septa (stage 3/4) but not conclusive features of cirrhosis. Due to my high fibroscan and bloods I was being treated as having advanced fibrosis / compensated cirrhosis.

    Have never really been able to get a definitive answer but I am also a recovering alcoholic and have not drunk for 14.5 years, my LFT's were quick extreme when I first stopped drinking but they did settle back into the normal range, not sure quite hpw much of a significance this actually had.

  • Huge congratulations Anne.

    Thank you for letting us all know, your lifestyle changes are incredibly inspiring.

    Warm Wishes


  • Anne,

    Thanks for letting us know how amazingly effective the lifestyle changes were in getting your liver to where it is now.

    It really is something that should be shared with anybody either affected by liver disease or concerned that they are putting their health at risk. You have a captive audience here.

    Perhaps the British Liver Trust could use your experience as a lesson in how people can make a difference. That message needs to spread far and wide.


  • Agreed Jim, I have messaged Anne already! :)

  • Fantastic result! What a great start to 2017 xxx

  • Well done. What do you eat and what foods do you kept away. It does appear that diet and excercise are so important. I just wish that there was an idiots menu sheet you could refer to

    Kind regards


  • I avoid all sugar including natural sugar and limit myself to one piece of fruit a day, I limit carbohydrates and do not eat any refined carbs. I eat nuts. I avoid processed foods and have reduced salt and caffeine. I havent completely cut out fat and this works well for me, I have a little real butter not spread and also have cheese.

  • Many thanks. All the best for the future



  • Hello annew272

    I am also diagnosed with fibrosis score 9.5 just recently. I also have diabetes and used to drink moderately just before diagnosis. However stopped completely now. Have been taking milk thistle and vit d. I heard that coffee consumption aids in preventing progression. Would you suggest anything please?

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