Possible PBC??

Hi I'm a 53 yr old Caucasian woman. I'm new to all this, I'm just wanting to see what anybody else thinks. All of my liver enzymes are elevated alt ast the phosphatase, I tested positive for ama m2. I have a lot of the late stage symptoms liver pain, exhausted all the time, bone and muscle pain, I have had an upset stomach for almost a year!! I go on March 16th for Fibroscan and to see my Dr. Oh and my whole arms and legs are swollen top to bottom and I have severe bloating. Thanks for your input. I'm so scared. I still have kids at home.

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  • I have PBC and you do sound like me but I have itching. It could be something different but even if it is PBC don't worry it's not too bad and the oldest women with PBC was 103 and she didn't die of it.

  • Thank you for responding, I have itching to, not too bad in the daytime but at night it drives me crazy. I have neuropathy to and sometimes when new nerves act up they itch so I'm scratching a lot!!!

  • I'd like to live to 103!!! 😀

  • With your blood test results, I'd say that's PBC, especially due to the high Alk Phos and the positive AMA -2, that's definitive for diagnosis. I have it too, but I'm largely asymptomatic right now. They will likely start you on Ursodiol medication. By the way , there is a special group here in Health Unlocked for PBC. You really should join, if you haven't already.

  • Ok thank you. You said exactly what I'm thinking. I appreciate your response 😀 Thank you I will look for the group!!

  • Specialist is putting me on ursodiol and she thinks it will help with the itching.

  • I see my Specialist 3/16 for Fibroscan and then to talk with the Dr. My levels have been elevated since 2014, I just found out.

  • I just found out yesterday I'm diabetic. The one disease I've always dreaded, I've watched many family members suffer and die because of this awful disease.

  • Sorry I found out Friday.

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