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Drinking lemon water in the morning?


Hi everyone,

I am sure I read on here somewhere that lots of people drink lemon squeezed into water in the morning or something similar. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?


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It cleanses the liver. Livers love lemons. It also helps to turn an acid environment into an alkaline one. I hope that helps. Aloha

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Hey Catfish 😊 hope your having a good day today......Maria x

Catfishjumpin in reply to Hidden


I am sure lemon was on a list of foods for me to avoid. Citrus fruit can react with my anti rejection tablets.

RodeoJoe in reply to Brummi

I thought it was grapefruit and marmalade. And the type of oranges marmalade are made with, is it servile oranges?

tillycindy in reply to RodeoJoe

Hi RJ. Med tube.net " is eating Seville oranges dangerous?". Study into the effect of the bitter, sour orange on drug interactions. Good luck on ploughing through that lot!. I,d also heard grapefruit can be dodgy with certain drugs. From what I can gather, and I haven,t read it to the bitter end (sorry for the bad pun) the answer seems to be not really as the sour agent in the oranges is used in many things that we are not aware of. I,ve always carried on eating grapefruit as love it so much, but left a gap between then taking any prescription medicines. I,m not on ant. rejection meds though so It,s worth researching it further. Hope you,re well. anne.

After my ltx they told us to never eat grapefruit again, and no marmalade..especially with Seville oranges. It's nothing good with the anti rejection meds. Lemons were not mentioned..so I'm not sure.

dckimberly in reply to Brummi

Ahhhh..good to mention! Thanks!

retwos in reply to Brummi

Alrite Brummi yeah your right mate no grapefruit of marmalade or Seville orange as it messes with your prograf fella , just be cautious mate everything else is cool hope your good mate n smiling ,have a good one fella

If you type in Lemon juice water, or lemon water liver, for example into your search engine there is quite a lot of information comes up. However, B.L.T will tell you there are no liver cleanses though most people I know do it, if nothing else staying hydrated cannot be a bad thing. x

Millie09 in reply to tillycindy

I don't take this as a liver Detox , I have it warm with honey if I have a cold , other than that I drink it instead of bottled water to have natural Source of sugar and great boost on vitamin c . X

yes i like my lemon in boiled cooled but still warm water its very good for getting rid of constipation,

Many people use this remedy, myself included, have done for years 😊 full of Vit C, lovely refreshing drink, can only do you good. X

Yes I drink it every morning with warmish water(40°c) and a spoonful of RAW honey, that temperature doesn't kill all the anti oxidants, vitamins etc, It is great for your digestion but as regards your liver I have no idea.My best regards to everyone Ian😵

Love the humour..keep it up..can all do with a smile in these days of doom and gloom and short days.x

Great info! About the loo, I mean! Thanks! Do doctors recommend it? Just curious..



I drink it, I find it helps with diabetic neuropathy and cramps - don't need Cramp meds (which are bad for the liver anyway) anymore and neuropathy has gone. To test it I stopped for a few days and the neuropathy pain came back - have done this little experiment several times and got the same results so lemon juice and hot water ( I let mine cool a little too) is on my menu everyday - I buy lemon juice in a bottle BTW, much easier 8-).

I have friends who have gone full alkali diet and they're shedding their cancer, really needs a proper Medical trial....


I put a drop of honey into my glass.

I squeeze Either half or a full Lemon depending on what I use it fit on to a Beaker and keep it in the fridge , usually it's 1.5 Lt I have with still bottled mineral water , it is so nice ! And no you would not Even know it's acidicy . Not sure on a alkali diet . Something to check on line or with your doctor

haha, I know it's daft isn't it, but it does apparently!!! according to this webmd.boots.com/diet/alkali... it's because of the potassium in them.... TBH this is about the best info I've found on alkali diets but there are some medics that specialise in alkali diets.... raw food where possible, no food cooked over 100 degrees C, little/no meat etc...

Yes quite possibly but lemon works for me so I haven't tried anything g else. Ref the medical trials, that's what we keep saying on here, there does need to be trials to prove it helps, but as I already know it does work for me, I am happy to take it. Everyone needs to make their own mind up. Good luck x

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