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Dark urine in the morning

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Hai everybody,

(I;m diagnosed livercir. and Portal hypertension, thing is I only have specific PH complaints and symptoms. So far zero livercir. complaints).

I hope you are all having a nice day so far. I already for quite sometime have a question which even my specialist had not a cut and clear answer for. Simple and short: My urine in the morning is dark(er). The colour is like apple juice. Rest of the day very normal colour, very light yellow / bright. If you have jaundice (im not yellow or anything, my stools seem to be normal colour, not to light), is your urine then always darker, or only in the morning. While searching on the internet THEY ONLY talk about your urine being darker means having jaundice. I only have this in the morning. People on this forum who experience jaundice maybe can help me out...? Would be highly appreciated...

thank you for reading my post and I hope your day will be great!


22 Replies
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Hi Jimmy,

I've always had darker urine in the mornings, even before my cirrhosis diagnosis, so I wouldn't worry about it.......and now you've put me off apple juice🤣🤣🤣

Try and keep away from Dr Google......it just adds to anxiety😊😊😊


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Yip it's normal. Pipped at the post. 🙄

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Im sorry Ofeckman: yep there is nothing wrong because dark in the morning and bright rest of the day is normal, so no probably no jaundice? Or it is normal when you have Jaundice that you only could have darker urine in the morning?

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Overnight, your body holds onto water. That causes your urine to be darker in color when you awake.

It means your kidneys are working just fine. Urine output is reduced at nighttime so morning dark urine is normal is it gets progressively more concentrated during the night. This is especially noticeable in people who take vitamin supplements. As you consume fluid during the day it gets lighter in color.

Absolutely nothing to do with jaundice. 🤔

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Jimmy777 in reply to

ok great thanks a lot. I feel a lot better. thanks for helping me out.

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Apple pips - I see what you did there 🤣

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Jolly to the Core, almost. 😜

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Jimmy777 in reply to davianne

haha, I won´t compare with food or drinks in the future, because we all love our apple juice don´t we!!

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Hi Jimmy, urine can be darker in the morning as you havent been drinking whilst you sleep. You are therefore a little more dehydrated than you would be at other times of the day when you'll be drinking more regularly, so your urine will be a little more concentrated as a result. Hence it being darker.

If it's very dark, erring towards brown, or it's dark throughout the day then it's worth getting checked out. However, from what you write that doesn't look to be the case.

Hooe that's reassuring.

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Jimmy777 in reply to Kristian

yep that is giving me some piece of mind. It's just darker (like apple juice), not cola. And an hour (or 2) later its light light yellow. Thanks Kristian, you've helped me out!!

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Hi Jim, I too get dark urine, toxins settling in your bladder overnight.

My latest bloods showed normal ranges in all, with the exception of jaundice which was slightly elevated. I always drink boiled water with a wedge of lemon In 🍋 first drink off the day, a good detox. Leave you lemon wedge in the glass and top up with cold water to drink during the day. Happy hydration. + any other usual fluids of course. Needless to say clear urine following my first few drinks.

Cheers... chrissie 👌

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Jimmy777 in reply to one2one

thanks Chrissy! I´ve heard that story about the lemon thing. My girl does it every morning. I just drink water when i wake up. I´m gonna try lemon! thanks, have a nice day!

Hi Jimmy,

I have to say I'm of the same ilk, my urine to this day remains golden brown (theres a song in there somewhere) at times, and I drink 3 liters of Evian a day (told Dr she said carry on with that). Once I've had one bottle everything seems fine and dandy colour wise and if I keep topped up it's ok, but if I go 2-3 hours without water it's back to square one and I'm 4 months out of hospital with jaundice due to alcohol.

My bloods have all come back ok as usual which is good, but still my bilirubin levels are high which still baffles me as ive been 17 weeks sober and living like a Tibetan monk.

I do have a lot to ask when I see my consultant next, this place has been really helpful with what I should be asking, as when I was with her last time I didnt really know were I was to be honest, just glad I got help.

Like some have said it is normal to be darker in the morning so dont worry on that front, but if you worried go get checked out will do no harm, just wash your hands I've seen it on the news 😉

Take care


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Hi Ashley

I’m new here and just finding my footing.

What were your initial Cirrhosis symptoms when you first went to hospital if you don’t mind me asking?

And you say you stopped drinking for 17 weeks and all bloodwork normal except bilirubin - can you have normal bloodwork with Cirrhosis?

If so that’s quite alarming!

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ey Ashley, thanks for your contribution. Yeah it´s sounds weird right. Good to hear I'm not the only one thinking / worrying about this. But it seems quite clear that if you´re urine just turns into normal colour its got nothing to do with jaundice. At least, that´s what i read here and also i found 2 articles on the internet now. What you say about your situation sounds familiar but at the same time, I don´t exactly know from how far you came (liverwise) speaking? 17 weeks seems like a whole lot, but I don't know youre starting point of course. Íf you would like to tell me, great, if not, also fine! One thing is clear: you're doing a very good job so far, keep up the good work!



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Hi Jimmy,

Yes I'm fine with it, I have cirrhosis was told last January with my first admission, due to my alcohol abuse/addiction, so silly me but cant change the damage I have done to myself , nobody to blame but myself, ive been in a dark place for quite some years.

I stopped for 5 half months after my January visit, was feeling really good, healthy as can be I suppose, then in the space of a week I was made evicted not my doing so I was even more p****d of, then my mum nearly died with sepsis while dealing with lupus and inclusive body myositis and I had to put my 16 year old dog (loved her dearly) to sleep and I just went back to my coping mechanism, 14 cans K cider and started again. Like pringles with me once I start, I can't stop.

Then the inevitable happend, was back in hospital in October on my last legs really, and I had to do something drastic about it or I'd be brown bread, consultant did not cotton wool anything and that was what I needed.

Since then been 17 weeks dry and 5half stone lighter and I'm damm sure not going back to that again. This time I have got support from path to recovery who have been amazing and I'm in constant chat with a sponsor type thing with another support service. So now I know when life throws a curve ball at me I no longer have to return to my comfort default setting, and in the whole I feel ruddy good and pleased with myself for it 😁

Bit long winded that sorry lol hope your well any how Jimmy?

Take care,Ashley

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Jimmy777 in reply to

wow, quite a story! I´ts great to read this mindset now. Upmost respect for that! I wish you the best in near future and have all fate in you! well done!



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Cheers Jim you to, all the best.


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Great to hear your story Ashley and pleased to hear about your consultant giving you the information. You cannot sugar coat the options, carry on with alcohol and you will have a very short life expectancy or stop. It’s definitely a no brainer.

Best of luck with your journey ahead.


in reply to TT-2018

Thanks Mark, all the best to you as well fella.


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Jim it sounds like it could be a wee bit (sorry, couldn’t resist!) of dehydration in the morning but do of course raise it with your doc. As someone who has been Marge Simpson yellow since December with a bilirubin count of over 300 at the moment, I can assure you that all urine output is dark with my jaundice 😝

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Jimmy777 in reply to Dililiver

Will do Dililiver! And best wishes for you.

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