this is new to me and with recent events i believe this will help me and hopefully others. i have over the last years drank a lot of wine due to sutuations that were out of my control. i had recent blood tests and basically my liver was not generating vitamin D which is a concern. the doctor tried to tell me it was my gaul bladder and when i said i did not have one it was removed 3 yrs ago it was a bit disconcerting as you can imagine. i have took control off my life now and have stopped drinking completely which will help me loose weight , help my liver and in turn help me live longer and healther.

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  • I had bottomed out on Vit D and was put on 3200iu daily but now ok so off them, I think it's quite common in the uk, certainly with the lack of anything resembling sunshine!

  • Forgot to say it's great you've knocked wine on the head.. :)

  • Teetotal 3 weeks now, not an issue really, motivation is simple, wife and 2 children. Good luck.


    PS saves a lot of money too.

  • And for you Tim

  • You have done so well. Please take care.

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