Gallbladder surgery

i had my gallbledder removed in July. I have a complicated history and asked the surgeon to not do lapriscoptic procedure but he did and cut my common bile duct and now I still am suffering from it. I was rushed to another hospital for emergency surgery and had bile duct reconstructed and since have been in hospital many times septic. 3 absesses are being treated by antibiotics for 6 weeks, hope it works? Itch continues

I have antiphospholipid anitibody syndrome which complicates everything.

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  • Hi. The same thing happened to my dad. He is now in rehab. He lost a lot of his abilities. But he did fight through sepsis. The surgeon also cut my dads bile duct.

  • I am so sorry. It must be very hard living with that. I hope your quality of life improves.

  • OMG how awful. With laproscopy the surgeon should have had a good view. But the damage is now done, I hope you now start to recover fully. Ask someone to complain for you if you haven't already - who knows how many times the surgeon has done this akready?? Best of luck