Gallbladder surgery

i had my gallbledder removed in July. I have a complicated history and asked the surgeon to not do lapriscoptic procedure but he did and cut my common bile duct and now I still am suffering from it. I was rushed to another hospital for emergency surgery and had bile duct reconstructed and since have been in hospital many times septic. 3 absesses are being treated by antibiotics for 6 weeks, hope it works? Itch continues

I have antiphospholipid anitibody syndrome which complicates everything.

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  • Hi. The same thing happened to my dad. He is now in rehab. He lost a lot of his abilities. But he did fight through sepsis. The surgeon also cut my dads bile duct.

  • I am so sorry. It must be very hard living with that. I hope your quality of life improves.

  • OMG how awful. With laproscopy the surgeon should have had a good view. But the damage is now done, I hope you now start to recover fully. Ask someone to complain for you if you haven't already - who knows how many times the surgeon has done this akready?? Best of luck

  • So sorry for you hope you get better and more able to cope soon, you ought to get legal help , unions might help

  • so sorry to hear for your experience, why this docor did not carry out your wishes is beyond me. i would definately try to sue him as if you'd ask him to do it laperoscipaly and he wanted to do open surgery that would be a different story. there was a surgeon on today doing a live web chat answering peoples questions and someone asked why they might be itching really bad after gall bladder removal and the reply was that there might not be enough bile passing through the bile duct to the bowel.just to let you know that the discussion is still there and all the question and answers are there to. if you could find a way to get to it. there should be an email telling you about the the live web at 3pm and if you click on that link you will get all the questions ans answers they are all about the gall bladder and some about bile ducts being damaged. i hope you find it and its helpful for you. love grace xoxoxo

  • THANKYOU for an answer

    Hope your better soon

  • on the webchat someone asked about why they might be itching after gallbladder removal and he said it was because not enough bile was getting through the duct to the bowel. would you like me to try and get the discussion from the web chat, i still have it and i could send it to you by private message if you want. i do hope you start to feel better soon dear, all my best wishes to you love grace xoxo🤗

  • Thanks that could be helpful. The itch continues

  • iv sent it to you im going to post it for everyone as it save me sending it all the time love grace xxx

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