“Mad Matty: "Have I gone mad?" Alice: "I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”

“Mad Matty: "Have I gone mad?" Alice: "I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”

hello my fellow liver peeps ,,just an update on me my plans my thoughts and hi to all the newcomers who have joined this wonderful site ,,,feeling good without jinxing it ,,positive some pain but hey ho im not perfect,,,will have Hepatologist appt soon second one on 7th Nov ,,,so that will be 3 months since our last meet ,,i hope for good things ...im gunna ask about a transplant ,,get me self on the list , i should have done that long time back but ,,its been a roller coaster of euphoria and depression with me ,,but im learning from it ,,,read some great posts from you all some really good ones some on the learning curve of liver disease etc ,,not being told fully by there docs whats going on ..and yes its hard to ask about this stuff but you need the facts fullstop ,,( thanks chris1698 i used your words ish) you just need to be strong and share coz sharing a problems halves the problem. thats me done im always here for a chat ...ill try and post more often as ive found my love of the English word. and yes im mad as a hatter ,,so alice tells me ttfn Matthew ps made it to 47 last sat ,,lets go for 48,,,and ill get you all some cake

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  • "But I don,t want to go among mad people" Akice remarked. "oh you can,t help that" Said the cat. "we,re all mad here, I,m mad, you,re mad". "how do you know I,m mad?" Said Alice. "you must be " Said the cat. "or you wouldn,t have come here". Lewis Carol.

  • best of luck to you Matt. Always put a smile on my face. Hugs

  • Good luck Matt. You should definitely ask about transplant. But it's important to know that there are criteria that have to be fulfilled before you'll be put on the list. Sometimes it feels like a tightrope of being ill enough but not too ill that you're unlikely to survive.

    I feel your pain, I had KNOWN cirrhosis from 27 and got a transplant at 42. Years of feeling ill, tired, even depressed. Sometimes I think the best thing that happened to me was a sudden deterioration that almost cost me my life if it wasn't for transplant.

  • hi Rodeojoe ,,thanks for your words and story very kind of you ,,yes i know the criteria involved etc ,,ive been put straight already by a poster on here i forget her name but shes not far off getting a TX ,,,,,im sewing the mental seed to my Hepatologist ,,just to keep on-top of things im fine im happy ,,ill keep doing what i do ,,,,,it was he who mentioned a TX to me this is the first ive said anything 7mnths down the line ,,good luck with your health PMA as always cheers Matthew

  • PMA absolutely my friend. I didn't do pre transplant very well. In fact I can now see I was in complete denial of the fact I was ill. I treated the six monthly consultant appointments as an inconvenience that just stressed me out.

  • "...and all that was left was a grin!" :)

  • hey Matt. How you getting on with everything. ❤ n hugs xx

  • Hi Sheri a very good sunday morning to you ,,its wet and raining here not a good start,,,im ok at the moment ,,im just taking my meds which is vitamins thiamin vit B1 and a host of others im hoping to get some help from the doc on tuesday to ease my neuropathy symptoms and get something to help me sleep,,life doesnt just stop because we are in this situation ,,we still have to plod on ,,,what are your plans for the day ? ill be inbed watchin TV ,,nothing else to do ,,,,will update my FB blogs ,,will do some sorting around the flat as im trying to make it as nice as possible warm and cozy ...i live on my own ....literally on my tod with everything ,,,so i have to keep ontop of meds and any changes in mood and stuff like HE,,,that my worse worry at the moment ...anyway thats whats happening with matty ,,hope it wasnt too much ,,,,be a good stay happy Matt xoxo

  • GM Matt. It's stopped raining ☔ for now. Just dropped my middle child at work. Pick her up in around 12hrs time. I've not long been off thiamine myself was on it off it. With my meds they mess that much it does my head in. Today i plan to do. Not much. Lol catch up on some TV. Facebook as well. Im on there if you wanna add me id love to read your blogs. Im Sheridan jellytot alcock. Pls don't laugh 😂😂. So you live alone? I may as well do. My kids are older so they treat the place as an hotel. Might change the locks 😁. I tend to actually live in my room. Bad habit from being sick but i have everything there. It's comfortable if you get me.pls let me know how you get on at docs. Thinking about you. ❤ n hugs sheri xxx

  • hey sweet stuff. Hope your ok? Sending you hugs and thinking about you xoxo

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