High GT 137 no symptoms scared something is wrong :(

Hi guys, so 4th July this year I had some routine bloods done, actually checking for celiac disease, as I had constant 'runs' everything came back fine but ggt was 137 had a liver scan all ok, bloods repeated and received a letter today asking me to make an appointment. It's a bank holiday weekend and I'm going away tomorrow and scared something is wrong, I am overweight but feel well in myself no other symptoms! We have a family history of cancer and I'm a google queen and just convinced myself I'm seriously ill o suffer with bad anxiety and depression and this is really not helping I wish I'd never have the bloods done in the first place it's ruined my life :( thanks for any help in advance xxx

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  • hi Saz,

    ok GGT 137-its high-normal range 40-50. can be caused by a few things. Overweight is a factor-can also be caused by gallstones. Fatty liver possibly as well. Do you drink alcohol. If you do to excess this a common cause of elevated GGT. Probable next course of action is you'll be sent for an ultrasound to see if they can detect fatty liver. At this point I wouldn't worry too much. GGT can be brought down with diet/exercise/abstinence. Further down the line if symptoms persist a fibroscan may be in order.

    keep us posted


  • hello there, just thought I,d welcome you until someone is about who can advise you better. I see you,ve fallen into the trap that many of us do, internet research ! Many things can cause raised g.g.t , you don,t say if you drink for example. You mentioned your weight, some people develop fatty liver which can be totally reversed through diet. I know there is no point telling you not to worry until you,ve seen your Doc and enjoy your break, but chances are it,s something totally innocuous so, don,t worry and enjoy your break. And, keep your fingers away from that keyboard ! yours, anne.

  • Don't panic, it may be nothing, my GGT has been higher than yours ( around 186 ish )for about 10 years and despite all the repeated tests, scans and a biopsy no reason has been found.

    Try not to worry and enjoy your holiday.

  • Here is my take on it, numbers mean things to doctors, doctors can't tell you how you will feel because your level is high, everyone's body is different, to give some balance here my ggt is over 600 I still get up go to work and exist as a person, all my results are a mess, but I care about how I feel. Understand using google what ggt is and represents but without more tests, scans it could be anything, I have been where you are I was told by my gp they had found lumps in my liver I didn't think I'd see Christmas, that was 3 years ago because I didn't have all the information, I use google to help me understand but avoid trying to pigeon hole your results to a specific disease/condition. Best thing you can do at the moment is eat a healthy diet, keep fit, body and mind and don't let fear control your life.

    There is loads of genuine people on here who can offer advice and give there story, it's a fantastic resource so welcome.

  • wow :) thanks so much everyone! This is the first site I've actually felt some comfort from and I really appreciate all the supportive responses :) just to answer a few of the questions, I don't drink alcohol maybe only at Xmas but would rather have a cuppa! and I've had 2 US scans which were clear, I have suffered from frequent headaches for years and take (but not recently) ALOT of painkillers, it could be down to that and my weight/lifestyle I will admit hasn't been the healthiest but this has been a HUGE wake up call so I am making changes....and due to this the headaches have improved a lot. It's good to hear other people's experiences too. Thankyou very much :)

  • Yes drug use also a factor..medicines. My ggt was 185 when first measured through decades of too much wine. After about 3 months it of diet exercise and abstinence it only went down to 167 but I was completely a symptomatic at that point

  • My high ggt, alp and alt have been put down to the antiinflammatories I take for ulcerative colitis as nothing else has shown up.

  • HI there,

    GGT is an indication of alcohol consumption. Are you a heavy drinker?

  • Sorry not always

    My husband was being tested as he was not feeling right. GGT was high. He did not and does not drink but eventually had to have transplant as he had liver damage due to Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency.

    At the beginning of investigations the only liver enzyme showing any problem was the GGT.

  • good point well made

  • My readings like you are also high,i try not to worry as best i can i have lost weight ,exercise and eat a good diet,i know i have gallstones and fatty liver ,so that may be why my readings are high, iam trying not to read to much as many are horror stories,i now take each day as it comes,make the most out of my days,take care of yourself and follow your Doctors advice.

  • Hi, welcome to the group! I was going to ask if you drink, but others have beaten me to it. The reason I wondered is because of the constant runs that you mention. I was a heavy drinker in my 20s, and had the runs all the time. I'm not coeliac, I just drank a lot of cider. Please don't worry too much about the GGT; I'm sure your GP would have talked to you about it if he/she had any concerns. Mine was well over 500 at one point, and believe me you would know if your GGT was an issue because you would be extremely ill.

    Hopefully the responses here have helped to allay your fears somewhat :)

  • elevated GGT isnt just an issue for the liver-there is a well researched link between higg GGT choleterol and heart risk. If you have naturally high GGT there's not much you can do but for diet or alcohol relatred GGT it's worth reducing if possible.

  • Well on GGT my numbers were high and stayed that way even when totally abstaining from aclohol. Mine seem to fluctuate from around 130 - 180 regardless of what I do. I have PBC so am putting it down to that. I'm also aware of other people who don't drink at all and have a high GGT result - unfortunately it's never a straightforward cause-effect relationship. Follow your doctors advice but if this is your only elevated liver function test and you have no other symptoms I wouldn't stress unless your doc suggests otherwise as I'm no expert myself.

  • Hi everyone thanks for all the comments! My latest ggt results was 243 so gone up from the first blood test done 4th July still feel well, no pain/symptoms of anything, I have the doctors on Monday so will see what he suggests ! I'm done worrying about it I feel well in myself so trying to stay positive!! :)

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