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What could it be?

Hello Folks. Had Fibroscan in February and got a score of 10. Saw Liver Specialist in May this year, he did a load of blood tests and examined me. I have liver palms, ascites in my Abdomen, odema in my ankles = taking Diuretics to get rid of excess fluid. He says I have Fibrosis. Next in June had a Abdominal Ultrasound Scan and received a letter say that there is some kind if blockage to my Liver artery and so a MRI Liver Scan with Contrast was arranged and have had that. Just wondered how long from 27th July I have to wait for the results, and anybody have an idea of what the blockage could be? My blood is like water as I take Aspirin - so, I think it is a blood clot, My cholesterol is 3.4 and I take statins - so I don't think it out to do with that. Just waiting for the scan results and hopefully an appointment to see Liver Specialist.

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it doesnt sound like a blood clot if you have blood like water. even although your cholesterol is low it could still be that as i have low chlesterol and yet i had a massive gall stone which is seeming caused partly by cholesterol and i had a blockage in my bile duct with calicfied stone which was 3cm it was so big it tore my bile duct and i had to have a 5 hour operation to reconstruct it. if its serious they will send for you quickly. you could always phone your doctor as they have to send the results to your gp. and if your gp has not recieved them yet you could phone the hospital dept. im pretty sure you gp will have the results by now. as all my hospital scans and mri's and any other tests, get sent to my gp so i take it that is standard. i hope you find out soon and also i hope your not worrying to much as its not good for us. although saying that i worry myself as i have mirizzis syndrome as well as a few other things hep b 44 years ago and hep c which i cleared. and grossly fibrotic liver. and also 1/4 of it is atrophied due to infection with that blocked bile duct. i have no one to compare notes with or find out how long it takes to recover from this operation. as it was very numb at first but that is wearing of fast and the pain is really quite sore and uncomfortable. so i know how hard it is not to worry. having faith also helps me to. god bless you. love grace xoxoxo


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