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Hubby was in severe pain a couple of weeks ago since the hell has been unleashed on my poor hubby Peter each MRI scan had no sign of s stroke good no cancer good mmmm perhaps a trapped nerve in his neck not got out of bed at home for 2 weeks cannot stand or sit up appointment at liver clinic by ambulance as soon as we arrived in cclinic , liver nurse was really suprised how ill Peter was and rushed him straight in to ward , more tests scansetc 5 days later and Peter is on his final journey given end of life care only cancer in spine and many major organs how the hell did this happen! Why in all these scan recently done was it not found I am so damn mad confused and left with no answers !!!!!!!!!!?????

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Oh I am so sorry you need lots of explanations from hospital my heart goes out to you both Annette


Thank you Annette the kindness of strangers will never cease to amaze me xx


Hi not at all peterjan hope you getting answers Annette


Such terrible news, I'm so very sorry for both of you. I hope he will be pain free and well looked after. I hope you have support from friends and family to help you through this most difficult time. Please remember to take care of yourself, so you are able to be strong for your husband.

Best wishes

E x


3 wonderful gentlemen on the ward have been so supportive holding my hand and bringing me coffee throughout each night that I have spent with Peter and just being cheery around us wonderful xx


So sorry to read your post. My thoughts are with you both, sending you love at this most difficult time x


sorry for this bad news. My aunt passed away last year, initially they thought it was bladder cancer and were hopeful. A couple of Months later and she died, she had Liver cancer too amongst others. The MRI had missed Liver cancer? I dont know what to say, but I can be assured she didn't leave worried or painfully, she didn't know anything about it.


I'm so sorry that you both had to endure this harrowing experience.

Take it slowly - one hour at a time!

with grace and dignity-


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So sorry. Do you have friends and family around you? Hoping there is a miracle somehow for you both. It is so saddening.

Good luck to you both.


Oh my heart goes out to you both reading this. We put so much trust in the NHS. And I feel many times we are let down.

Please know your not alone. We are all here for you both x


OMG That is crazy and terrifying! And outrageous that this cancer has not apparently shown up! Without going into details; i know someone whom has had many tests ct scans etc for various things and things we thought may show, did not....very worrying and for you, such tragic news. There is nothing i can say to make you feel better and i am not surprised you are so furious. Surely, something would have shown up. This must be some sort of incompetence from the health professionals that did the scans or whom read the scans! All i can say is, stay by your hubby's side in his final journey; when he passes, try to think of the good times you had, of the joy and laughter if you can. Afterwards, when you feel able; complain strongly in writing to all you can and sue those responsible for errors; that will not bring hubby back; but hopefully something will be done to those people/ and maybe it will help stop such things happening in the future. My thoughts are with you and hubby at such a tragic time. xxx


I'm so sorry to read this sad post. I can only try to imagine how you're both feeling. Sending you cyber hugs and love. X


I am so sorry to hear about the confusion and pain you are suffering. I understand just how angry you are having gone through something similar with my dad.

I know that there are no words to ease your pain but I send healing and strength to you both.

Please don't chase up the answer to your questions yet. I know that sounds back to front as it would seem natural to fight. I urge you instead to not waste a single moment of your time with Peter and save the fight until it's the last thing you can do for him.

He will be upset if he sees you getting so angry and tense and believe me, having that fight afterwards is a great help - giving you something positive to do while you adjust.

I am sorry for how negative my reply seems but I really don't mean it that way. Just be sure to say all you need to say to him now. Many don't get that chance.

Hold on for a miracle, you never know when they can arrive.

Much love

Rita x


Such awful news my thoughts are with you both , much love xx


I am so sorry for you and for your husband xxxx sending all the love, light and strength I can to you xxxx do you have good friends and/or family to be with you through this - I will keep you in my heart xxxx

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