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Hubby's First appt with Hepatology earlier today

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Ok so now we know where we are, but thankfully it was not as bad as I was expecting it to be.

Hubby has been diagnosed with Decompensated Alcohol Related Cirrhosis and Ascites. Hubby has been told that if he does not stop drinking, then he probably only has about 2yrs, as the registrar said it is hard to know exactly, as everyone is so different. Hubby does not have liver cancer.

The Registrar is going to get his Alcohol Liaison Team to contact hubby tmrw to start him on his cut down to zero alcohol. The Registrar has told him that due to his alcohol consumption he should not go cold turkey and should cut down over the next 5 weeks or so. However he has said that the liaison team will be able to advise him more and help him.

Thankfully I was very well prepared with the info that I took with me and my list of questions. I asked about Hepatic Encephalopathy. The registrar said that he will ask hubbys dr to prescribe Lactulose and Rifaximin. The registrar also confirmed that hubby does not have Hemochromatosis. The registrar wants hubby to have another set of blood tests and depending on the results, he will prescribe hubby a diuretic to help with the Ascites.

The registrar went on to say that they will now see hubby every six months unless his health changes. They will arrange for him to have blood tests and an ultrasound every six months to monitor for changes to the liver and cancer. they will also put a camera down his throat every 3 years to check for varices.

So the ball is now in hubby's court to see if he can give up alcohol with help from the professionals.

So what else do I need to be aware of?



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Hi Lisa,.I was wondering how things went today,.I bet your relieved ! .so as I thought as much..hubby will cut down his intake, im glad he has no cancer .I'm happy for both of you that this can be turned around, hubby is not out of the woods yet, Lot if hard work ahead and total life of sobriety

Thinking of you both

Linda x

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mumof3girls in reply to Millie09

Definitely not out of the woods yet. It all depends on what hubby chooses to do next.

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Yes thats very true Lisa. But let's hope he listens Wisley x

That's very reassuring. You've been given lots of information and support . Lets hope hubby can manage to kick it. All the best.Laura xx

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Thanks Laura x

The only thing I can think of is that it’s an awful lot of information to take in. I see from your previous posts that he won’t particularly reach out to the forum, but the sudden input of information and the medication he’ll have to take and why can be overwhelming. Encourage him to talk to you as you’ll continue to have written questions for the Liver Consultant. There is the helpline telephone numbers for the British Liver Trust, the Liver Consultant’s secretary and the Hepatology Clinical Nurse Specialist you could leave visible for him. I know the Hep. CNS can be particularly helpful in between his six monthly appointments.

You always have us on this forum.

He has a telephone appt with one of the Alcohol nurses on Monday. I have printed my notes from yesterdays meeting so that hubby can keep going back to the notes, when he feels he is ready. I think he had information overload yesterday. I have told him about this forum and told him about the helpline too, thanks Lisa

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We are pleased to hear that you have been able to see the medical team and were prepared with questions etc. As the members have said, it is now down to hubby and hopefully with support, he can abstain and manage his condition.

You know the nurse helpline is here again, if you need us.

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mumof3girls in reply to Trust1

thank you I am sure I will be calling you again over the coming days/weeks

Hi mumof3girls As the wife and I still talk a lot about me giving up alcohol she reminds me of things that I can’t remember but I do remember some things. Like secret drinking if hubby wants to walk round the shop or get fresh air he is looking for a can to drink before he gets home, also the way everything is going to be your fault. The mood swings from happy to angry in seconds, try to get a hobby that you can do together because the day is so long for hubby , he will have habits that go around drinking It was agonising from getting up and opening time’s once I got past the opening time’s I relaxed a bit then it was closing time’s it’s very important to replace old habits for new habits. I really do wish you and hubby all the luck because it’s a very difficult time the both of you have to go through, please do your best to forgive and understand, I now know how difficult it is but the wife and I have a fantastic life together now and I’m on the transplant list just waiting, over 17 years sober now.

Good luck

Stay Safe All

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My hubby forgets loads too. He has never hidden his drinking from me and will drink openly in front of me. Last night he drank the bottle of wine that was in the fridge. He has told me this morning that that was his last ever bottle of wine. He still has some cider in the fridge, that he is also drinking. The Hepatology alcohol nurse is calling him on Monday to discuss his plan to stop drinking. His mood and emotions were all over the place last night from anger to remorse to low mood to tears. He really was all over the place. March lockdown stopped him going to the pub and he has got his head around it and has said for months that even when pubs re-open he will not be going back. I like your idea about finding a hobby, as hubby is definitely bored stupid. which results in hubby getting up at lunchtime and then sitting in front of the tv for the bulk of the rest of the day and night. Unfortunately the Neuropathy means he cannot walk far so cannot come on dog walks with me or cycle anymore. wow 17yrs well done you, thanks Lisa

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Maybe jigsaw puzzles, art & craft books, adult painting or colouring books easy sudoku or word search but make sure at the moment that they are easy ones because his concentration will not be good and he will want to finish them quickly, once again good luck.

Stay Safe All

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