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Cancelled appointment again

After having 2 appointments cancelled earlier this year and them not being able to offer an appointment before June I was eventually offered an appointment with a new consultant, well I saw him once back in March and all was seemingly going ok and then today I get a letter, the appointment I had next Thursday has been cancelled. I hate to imagine when the new appointment is going to be. I am treated by several different consultants at my local hospital and dont remember ever having an appointment cancelled at another clinic, maybe I have been lucky, so my overdue liver scan is going to be well late as I have no chance to chase it up - I really am beginning to despair, really not sure what approach to take, I knew contacting them today was not a good idea as I was too angry......


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Can I ask how severe is your liver disease is it Cirrhosis?


Yes I have Cirrhosis, or do I, that depends on the doctor as well lol. My fibroscan is well into the cirrhosis score but my liver biopsy showed severe fibrosis and bridging scepta, I should get the letter out and check spelling :-). They graded my liver disease from the biopsy at 3 / 4. I also have oesophageal varices, gallstones and a list of other diseases. I have worked out why I am so irritated, I was hoping to go and find out that the effort I have put into lifestyle changes have helped, the effort before in just loosing weight had not had any impact as my bloods had got worse.



You really need to chase this up and speak to the secretary of your consultant. I'm sorry but that is completely unnacceptable to cancel you that many times. You have every right to be upset.

Good luck


totally agree

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Varices are usually only known with cirrhosis. And diet is important as your liver uses energy up quickly. And as for the hospital if I was you I would be ringing them daily to get an appointment. Have you had your varices banded?


Thankfully so far the varices havent needed banding they are early stage


I have to agree with the other replies. Chase up this secretary, ask for a double booking, whatever you need to do.

Is there anyway to see different consultants? Is this at a hospital? Is so, is there another one you could get too?

It's dangerous to cancel appointments without rescheduling them for right away.

Especially for someone with a chronic, progressive disease. And varacies come with cirhossis. Not on their own.

Healthy diet and exercise while your able is I important.

Sounds like you need a fresh scan, and an endoscopy, at the very least.

Good luck!

Cheering you on!


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I am waiting for an ultrasound scan, I have them 6 monthly to ensure no signs of cancer and they also check my gallbladder - I see the consultant every 3 or 4 months and this does not always fit in with the six monthly cycle but the doc sends a form off when necessary and it all happens, sometimes it is a couple of months before my next appointment so I get a brief letter saying its all ok - well so far this is how it has happened. My hospital is Frimley park, which is in Surrey and I live just up the road.

Really struggling to understand what the problem must be, I see several different docs at the same hospital and have never had any problems like this with the others................ :-(


I too attend FPH and had appts cancelled at drop of a hat with no further apt given. I'm on Transplant list and yet still cant get appts :-(


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