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I have just had my blood taken ready for my appointment on 23rd and for a change am not totally dreading the results. Have completely changed my diet, no sugar and low carb no processed food at all, reduced salt intake and low fat. Well managed to shift 3 1/2 stone and having just turned 50 have not weighed this since my early 20's. Have taken up walking and now swimming 3 times a week. Have also been insulin free for nearly 2 weeks and blood sugar has been great and I have been feeling better than I have done for years.......

Then last week started to get dizzy spells, couldn't get an appointment with my GP so ended up ringing 111 on Friday and got told I needed to go to a and e. They ran blood tests and checked me over and came to the conclusion that I have either an inner ear virus or bppv which is crystals that dislodge in your ear and move to the area that regulates balance. They said that I should start feeling better over a few days. Well today I am feeling worse and beginning to get worried that it is something else, I do get slight dizziness and am feeling disorientated most of the time and am really struggling to think, read, watch tv or do anything really. I am also not driving as I feel it would be unsafe. I feel like my head isn't right but struggle to describe what I mean. And at times I have a raging headache and o don't usually suffer with them. My thinking is all over the place now and I am beginning to worry that I have HE, I know this is all in my head but feel better actually writing it down.

I am grateful that I have been feeling so much better, as this on topnofbhow ibises to feel would be a nightmare, maybe a call to the docs in the morning....


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  • ann its great that you have made all those changes to your lifestyle and its strange how things like this can happen out of the blue and throw us of balance, this happens to me a lot just as iv made the decision to do the right things, stuff seems to happen and gets me worried. its been one thing after the other for me for the last good few years, if your really worried i would phone 111 again as they know that you have already been there and said you would feel better in the next few days, are you feeling worse than you were the first time you went to the a and e? if so i would certainly phone them i know that these symptoms can also be caused by migrane headaches, when you say friday was that 4 days ago or friday 11 days ago as if it was 11 days ago i would phone them as you might be in the same postition with your doctor tomorow and might not be able to get an appointment but if you phone the hospital tonight and they dont want you to go up at least when you call your doctor tomorrow you can say that you phoned the hospital last night and they will have a note that you have already been to a and e and have a better chance of getting an appointment, even if you phone the hospital they might keep and eye on you by phone during the night, i dont know if you are on your own or have someone with you. as im on my own and they usually keep and eye on me during the night if i want that as im in pain quite a lot, and get worried as i have no one to help me,you are doing the right thing by not driving,,

  • The liver is fueled primarily by carbs. But eat the natural ones. Your gluclose sounds low. I would start juicing bananas with ice or such, your potassium sounds low. If it is HE its most likely diet. I have periods like this too and my diet is like yours but I do ot restrict carbs that atr organic. But I do keep my weight down. I am not a doctor so yes get blood labs soon, they will show what has brought this on. What proteins are you eating? Meat is very tixic and if its not organic extremely so. I eat only organic free range eggs and chickens. Too when we lose weight at some point our bodies demand we put that fat back on. Be careful so you do not fall. Rest lots if you can. Good luck. Best wishes. Things will balance. Have lots of hope...

  • what is HE please. thanks,

  • Hepatic encaphalogy, its a loss of brain function, it can be temporary. Sorry my spelling is off a bit. How are you feeling? I have been thinking of you.

  • who are you thinking about. anyway i dont know if its me or annew. however i will tell you how im feeling as i was at the hospital today and as well as chronic liver disease. i have mirrizzis syndrome, i only found that out a few weeks ago when i went into hospital in the ambulance with the gallstone stuck in my bile duct. i was told i would need a 3 hour operation and i was crying when he told me about the complications as one of them is HE i think. he said i would be all confused and also that i might also have a build up of food and that would cause problems as well. he is not sure if i have cirrossis or not as i never had a biopsy as i had geno type 3 which you did not get a biopsy for only geno type 1 got the biopsy. he said that he did not know the shape of the stone in my bile duct and that he might have to cut it all away and take a part from my bowel and re contstuct the bile duct, the stone is calcified and i had an ERCP when they tried to dislode the stone it took an hour and did not work so i have a stent in at the moment, and he said that stents cause problems if they are left in to long. i was in his office for a while and he said that much that i cant remember everything. i have never ever heard of mirrizzis's syndrome. i wonder if anyone else has. i had no one with me at the hospital,i do have to go back for one more blood test and i will try to get someone to come with me so that i can ask more questions.and after the next blood test i will get the appointment for the operation, i am scared and i will have to put my cat in the cattery again, i am worried as well. there were other things that could happen also like cutting the liver and it bleeding but as i say i could not take it all in. if you were wondering about me then thanks very much for that and if it wasnt me i still say thanks for reading this, xoxo

  • I was thinking you are also on treatment. You poor thing. What ordeals you have been through and still are going through. I feel badly you have so much on you. I would be shaken too. You really are brave to face all of this alone. I wish somehow I could help. I will continue to look for posts that you update. I am going to look up that Mirrizzi's disease. I have never heard of it either. Bless you.

  • thanks catfish its always nice when someone thinks about me or cares. im not on treatment no i did that about 9 years ago, and that was better than the way i feel now, i did clear the virus and all the secondary illness i got with the hep c. i also had hep b when i was 21 that was 44 years ago. i have looked after myself well for the last 28 years except when i was on the treatment for the hep c and i ended up in the hospital and got put on anti psychotics which i am not off and that was horrendous as its so bad as they dont want people to stop taking those anti psychotics once they get put on them, as they are meant to be for seriously mentaly ill people and iv noticed that they are now giving them to many people who had a drug problem as i go to a 12 step recovery group and many of them are now on anit psychotics and cant manage to get of them.

    thanks for caring it means so much when a person in on their own, ❤️

  • i mean im now OFF the anti psychotics

  • We need photos here. I have had several exchanges with you and I think I confused you with another nice woman around our age. I am sure you understand how we can be confused. You really sound strong and confident in yourself. I am glad to hear that. Its so sad for us when we end up in the hospital. We really have to let go and hope things will work out well enough. Take care, I will keep looking out for you here.

  • 😂 thanks. keep well yourself.

  • I have had BPV more than once and one episode had me describing my brain being disconnected from the rest of me. It is horrible. Have you been given exercises to do to relieve it?? Sit on side of your bed and let yourself fall sideways, both sides and to your back if you can get up again from that position. Do that several times at each time. Very disorienting at first but gradually your brain begins to adjust to the new environment. It can take 3 weeks to retrain your brain completely. I had several episodes a few years ago but now none.

    Sometimes it can be a virus instead of a physical thing in your inner ear and that takes a while to resolve. Good luck.

  • If I was you I'd get down to the doctors and tell them you need an emergency appointment. Otherwise some good advice from the other contributors. Hope you get the help and diagnosis you need soon. Take care.

  • Hi and congrats on your lifestyle modifications, your diet and routine sounds very similar to mine. When I first cut carbs - quite drastically - I started to get dizzy spells, even passed out once after exercise. A very sharp Doctor listened to my story and immediately told me that I was likely low in potassium, a common consequence of going too low carb, and that it fit the picture that exercise would exacerbate the problem. Bottom line and lesson learned: too much of a good thing can be bad. We need some carbs beyond what's in fruits and vegetables, and we need good potassium levels. I took a potassium supplement initially while incorporating some bananas, rice, and baked sweet potato into my diet and symptoms disappeared pronto. I don't know if this is what's going on with you, but plummeting potassium is a common complication of very low carb diets, amplified by exertion. Also - low "bad" fat is healthy, but you need plenty of healthy fats like avocado, olives and olive oil, nuts, fish, some coconut oil. Trying to be low carb and low fat simultaneously will crash the system. Best of luck.

  • keep us posted annew on how your are today as i am thinking about you. as im sure a lot of us are and wondering if you got to the doctor today, i hope that your feeling better.xoxoxo

  • Hello all, sorry I thought I had posted an update earlier, really dont know where it has gone :-).

    Managed to get an appointment with the doc, oh I do love the receptionists. She said that my left ear drum is shrivelled, not sure that is the technical term but definitely an ear problem and not HE, she smiled as I often go in and say it could be this or that. On Friday they couldnt see anything wrong with my ear drum which makes sense now its getting worse and they can see something. So list of instructions, got to drink plenty, rest, not drive and take anti dizziness tablets, she said it would takes a few weeks not days to go but the pills should help with the feelings in my head. Got to keep an eye out for any change in speech or weakness in limbs etc and go back if it hasnt improved in a couple of weeks. I already have an appointment on the 14th for something else so hopefully will be able to get checked out then.

    Thanks for all the advice about food, I have been referred to a tier 3 weight management service as my weight was having such an impact on my health with the hope of having bariatric surgery, you have to be within the service for a year before you are eligible for surgery. Well 3 1/2 months in my bmi is now just under 32 which means I am now not far from being just overweight rather than obese and have gone below the 35 limit for surgery. I am hoping that I manage to continue and at the end of the year I can say thank you but no thankyou. I have less than 3 stone to go to be within the normal weight range for my height.

    The benefit of being referred is that I have been seeing a doc, Physio and dietician and been following their advice so although I say low carb and low fat, there is enough in there and have been seeing my diabetes specialist nurse additionally between hospital appointments.

    Feeling relieved and looking forward to this going so I can get back to walking and swimming, thanks again for all your advice and support


  • I'm glad to hear you got some answers for your dizziness. That is so inspiring that you were able to make so much progress and even avoid surgery and get off insulin! You are amazing!!! :)

  • thanks for updating us and glad that your feeling relieved as worry and stress make us more ill. well done for all your hard work. i hope you continue to recover over the next few weeks. xoxo

  • Thanks for the update Anne. Sounds like you're on the right track with everything. Keep up the good work. Take care. Adele

  • A quick test/cure (temporarily) for hepatic encephalopathy is to try snacking on very high potassium foods whenever you're feeling fuzzy. I do have diagnosed HE and I find this really, really helps. Also watch out for temperature exhaustion and dehydration. They're my pitfalls, maybe they are yours too. Love, light &peace.

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