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Blood results

Hi I have a quick question wandered if anyone could help I went to the doctors yesterday had a fbc blood test and a liver blood test normally come back next day I rang the doctors only my full blood count has came back not my liver results yet that normally do come back next day I just wandered f this normally means they've found something and are investigating further? Thank you

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No i would think it just means they are busy. Mine usually take 3-4 days if done at a GP as they have to physically send the samples to the hospital laboratory down the road which can take a day, and then emergency in patient tests take priority within the lab over external routine ones. I usually wait a week before checking if the results are back with the GP - then they have to be checked by a GP before they can be released to you, the patient, and again if the GPs are busy your non urgent bloods will be put down the list a way until they have time.


Thank you for your reply just so nervous as normally they are back the next day and half of them have came back just not my liver. I just hate the waiting game lol.


Try not to convince yourself you have liver disease based on Terry's Nails. Tests for liver disease have moved on leaps and bounds - think Fibroscan machines etc - from the days when all the docs had as diagnostic tools was tapping your abdomen and looking at your skin and nails!

Waiting for results is the worst, i sympathise, but googling Dr Google and letting the worry overwhelm you is not going to help anything except your anxiety levels. Try to find something to occupy you that gets you thinking 'outwards' to others, rather than 'inwards' to yourself, if you get my drift.


Also, if there's a bank holiday, they talk longer. I'm in the same boat - and am waiting longer a second time in a row as blood work was done on a Friday before a bank holiday Monday. I think also with the new treatments for hepatitis, there's a bit more bloodwork going on at the labs too.


They usually come back quick if there's something wrong, stay calm 😉

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Plus you don't have Terrys nails.....


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