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Hi I have decompensated liver disease was in HDU 2014 due to another episode of spontenous bacterial pertinitis which I take septrin daily for also septic shock liver failure but survived. It's 13 months on and my liver blood test was normal my gp was pleased also excellent kidney function I did suffer acute kidney failure I just can't get my head around the blood work being normal. Has anyone else had a normal LFT blood test. I feel well now stopped drinking and eating so healthy only symptoms I do get is fatigue out of breath and tummy swelling also low blood sugar I have not seen my hepatologist that's a different story waiting on a new referral. My gp arranges my blood work. Also is it normal with having liver disease to feel your liver when you bend over its not everyday I have noticed it lately. I worry alot now and came across this website.

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  • Congratulations on stopping drinking, for me blood work went up and down at times, speak to gp to put your mind at rest, as you have been through a lot, but you have come through it, I have cirrohiss, also with swollen tummy, and difficulty breathing, also legs and feet swollen, I will wait to see my heptologist on 29 th June, as my gp havent got a clue, you say you can feel liver on bending, it could be enlarged a scan will verify that, but speak to heptologist when you see one take care. Annette

  • Thank you for your reply I worry alot with having liver disease meld child's c. Hopefully get my new referral to see a different hepatologist. My previous one didn't take notice of my symptoms a month prior to me being in a life threatening state. I have alot of questions regarding my prognosis being the age I am 44 and the symptoms I do have. I hope your not too unwell with having cirrhosis. TC Nicky.

  • Hi Vicky

    Not as bad as I thought I would feel, funnily enough you do get yourself through each day, you do need answers though, so really strive to get them, don't let doctors hurry you on, take your time and write down everything you need to know, your the one who is suffering, good luck. Annette

  • Hi Vicky

    I have AIHepatitis. Over the last couple of months I have felt my liver to the extent that when in the car, a sharp bend hurt quite a bit. I can aso feel , well a knobly effect under my sensitive skin just below my ribs. I have had a few aches there too so though my LFT bloods appear normal each month I am concerned. Luckily for a change this is happening just before my yearly GI check up so I don't have long to wait.

    I will report back after my check up and let you know what the consultant says.

    Very gentle hugs, but lots of them


  • Hi footygirl thanks for your reply hope all goes well with your checkup. Hopefully my new referral with be soon so I can discuss all my worries. TC

  • i am going through similar things-had hep e-told liver clear-getting pains in stomach-especially when bending/sitting-waiting for further tests-Dr says i am fine & could take up to year to fully recover! as far as they are concerned until i get Gestro appointment they will not do anything! we both just have to be positive, stay healthy, fit, eat healthy.

    i have been sharing my Paul McKenna code as this has helped me & still does, the havening exercise is great & used at NHS where i work-his books are used in therapy sessions. go to, click on downloads & enter KT94X462U. these exercises come straight from his new book & I recommend any of them especially his stress one. stress is a big part of illness & paul will teach you how to get rid of the emotional & attachment to it, it really works! when i first heard of my disease I was waiting to have an x ray & thought the Dr said Hep B not Hep E! imagine the state i was in. on my own, i started crying! no more thanks to paul. this is why i can write this & not feel the emotion know & no i am not on commission, just a great fan!

    take care

  • i have stopped drinking as well & feel a lot better. it is not until a life-changing thing happens that you realise what damage drinking does & I only drunk 2*ciders at weekend!

  • Hi webpro5216 thanks for your positive outlook now yes stress played a huge role in my using alcohol to cope with my anxieties no excuse but it happens. I wasn't a big drinker never touched spirts it does effect everyone differently. I will look up on your link thanks and hope you stay well.

  • hi Vikky

    sorry for this situation

    For your numbers to be normal it means your liver has been able to recover some function back. its returned to a compensated state. The scarring will of course still be there and could still progress and make you return to a de-compensted state again.

    You might also want to consider other causes of liver inflammation. to get Alcoholic cirrhosis is generally quite hard and takes ALOT of alcohol.

  • Dear Vicky,

    You must count yourself as being blessed - as others have said here - your bloods are telling you that your liver is trying to fix it self - and with your healthy outlook this should be no problem - do make sure you seek help as you do not want it to go the other way...

    Best wishes,


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