36 hours post transplant

All went well for our son

Got hospital 5am Thursday after 1.50 am call

eventually went down 7pm ThursdAy evening back on ICU 4.30 am friday

All went well one to one nursing top class

Sat up a bit today and said a couple of words and had a bit of ice cream

Drs all pleased with him big relief even though still a long way to go

We're feeling for the donors and his family

Forever intheir debt

Thank you QEH BIrmingham fantastic team all angels

Will keep you all updated and thank you for all your kind words of support

This really is a Good site to be a member of

Kind Regards


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  • God bless 🍀

  • Wish him all the best!

  • Great news Chris. The first few days seem slow going but all being well, you will be heading up the M6 after 10 days or so. Best wishes to you all.

  • Fantastic news.

  • This is great news, sounds like he is doing good. You are certainly right the QE is brilliant, that is where mine was done. All the best you your son ,I hope he makes a speedy recovery.

  • This is superb news Chris, I know it must have seemed a long time coming but your patience is rewarded. Now is the time to recover.

    It may be difficult at first for you all but, really, it does get better. Look after yourself Chris .


  • Great news. We were up their on Fri for hubbys pre-assessment appointment. It really is an incredible place!!! Best wishes 😊

  • im glad its gone well for your son and hope hes up and about soon ricky

  • So wonderful! Congrats!

    Cheering you on!

  • Thank you all for your kind thoughts..and a very special prayer and thank you to the donor and his family

  • 😀😀

  • Well done, congratulation, so nice to read about good news. Be well and take care of yourself too!

  • Dear Chris,

    This is great news - wishing your son a speedy recovery...


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