Post Transplant Pain Killers???

Hi All,

Hope you're all as well as can be expected, and able to enjoy a bit of the weather. I'm post transplant and have recently had pains in my shoulder. Not officially diagnosed yet but I suspect Rotor Cuff from sleeping on my side. It's progressively got worse over about a month and for the last couple of days it's been debilitating. I've made an appointment with the GP but thats not until Thursday afternoon.

Anyway after reading up on it, it says to use ice packs and anti-inflammatories. However my understanding of over the counter anti-inflammatories is Ibuprofen. Which was a big non no for me pretransplant, is this still the case? If yes do people have other suggestions?


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  • hey 🙋 good to see you. Ibuprofen is still a big no no. Sorry there are other things but your gp will have to prescribe them. it's so different. I find heat is better than ice packs. Hope someone can give u better answers. Good luck xx

  • Hi, and thanks Sheri

    Awww... Thanks for the reply. I've ordered these from Amazon

    You can heat them up and freeze them. I've got peas on right now, and it is already giving me a bit of relief. I'll have to wait for the GP then for the anti-inflammatories.

  • hope they come fast for u. They do help ive used something similar 😊. Was told after transplant & only last week that Ibuprofen will always be a no no because of risk of bleeding internally? Hoping u get relief fast 🤞 xx

  • Thanks again. I've got prime, so they'll be here tomorrow :)

  • I can still take paracetamol right? Would it relieve a bit of pain or is it pointless? Also what about ibuprofen gel?

  • Paracetamol is fine but try your best to avoid of course. I do take it now and then for sciatica pain. I was prescribed tramadol not long ago for my abdominal pain not that it even made a difference. You can perhaps call the transplant coordinator and ask them regarding your option?

    I hope you get better soon and start to feel like yourself again.

  • Hi

    Not sure that they are a no no after transplant but my hubby would personally not use them as they are known to cause liver damage.

    You need to get your shoulder looked at by a rheumatologist or orthopaedics to find the actual cause. You do not say what your liver condition was but some also affect the joints.

    SInce transplant my hubby has had three joint ops.

    Keep us posted

  • That's interesting about the joints. So my cause for cirrhosis was never diagnosed, although both virus and alcohol were discounted. It was suspected to be a genetic disease.

    After I stopped taking my steroids I did get some real joint issues mainly in the knees and ended up going to physio. I put it down to the steroids and it probably lasted 6 months or so, although I still feel like my knees aren't what they were. Ironically right now I'm in a leg brace after breaking a bone near the knee after coming off my mountain bike.

  • Hi rodeojoe, sorry to hear you are having pain I'm sure the doctor can give you something for it, I have also had shoulder pain since transplant and sorry to say but nothing has really helped it, I've just learned to live with it but just wanted to say I was advised against using heat because if there is any inflammation then heat can aggravate it so I'd stick with the ice for now, hope you get some relief soon 🌸🌸

  • Thanks Mops. The frozen peas are already a bit of relief.

  • Hi RodeoJoe,

    You may also find our 'Life after liver transplant' useful to look at;

    However, your transplant team are the best to be advising you,

    Hope your shoulder feels better soon,


  • Thanks Rebecca. I'll give them a call!

  • I have PM'd you.

  • Hi Rodeojoe,

    I wouldn't take ibrufen as kings told me no. I find paracetamol helps, but I haven't had anything major.

    There are some really good upper limb/ shoulder surgeons at RBH. Mr Hartley, Jeremy Southgate or Richard Harrison. ( I used to run an orthopaedic company)

    Anyway, I was out on my kayak on Sunday... Much less painful than a bike when you fall off!!

    Take care

  • Thanks Dorset123. I don't think I'll need surgery, I had a couple of bad days but I must admit that today it feels better, maybe the frozen peas have done the trick. I'll still see my GP tomorrow because I have some questions about my leg and also I would like to know in case I have another flare up.

    I have a Kayak, I'm very jealous as for obvious reasons I can't get out right now. I'm also in Dorset, in fact I was out with "The Dorset Rough Riders" cycling club when I came off.

    I'm a bit of a kayaking novice though. I bought it the summer after my transplant, sort of a statement about how much my life had improved and how I was going to start enjoying it again. Where do you go?

  • Would the lowest dose of oxycodone, or hydrocodone, say 1 or 2 mgs. be of any help or is that completly out of the question? Best wishes to you for some relief of your pain.

  • Thanks, I've got a GP appointment tomorrow, so I can get it sorted.

  • Good luck at the doctors today 😁

  • Hi

    Hope you get sorted very sooni it's very dibilitating isn't it?

    . I've got joint, muscle and bone pain all over my body and don't know what to do. I've been diagnosed with Nash. Please take care, lots of love Lynne xxxx

  • So sorry to hear your not feeling so goods,

    I'm still on pain killers. Detoxed myself down a lot, but still have pain in back especially lower.

    People don't realize fractures even hairline do occur during our surgeries because they have to lift the entire rib cage up to do the organ retrieval and put the new one back in!

    My girlfriends with crones had serious pain..turned out she got seven fractures during surgery!


    Anyhoo, speak with your team. And hope you feel better friend!



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