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I was diagnosed with Fatty Liver by an Ultrasound in November 2015 from alcohol.  Symptoms were right abdominal pain. LFT were and still presenting as normal. I have been without alcohol for 179 days. Today I had a Fibroscan done to see if I have any Fibrosis present. My Fibroscan results were a Median score of 4.8kpa which is classified as normal with none to minimal fibrosis. Right abdominal pain has pretty much subsided. Going plan is to continue to remain alcohol free as I consider myself very lucky and grateful. I just wanted to share my results for anyone who has read my posts from before. Hope everyone is doing well today and thanks to those who have posted and shared/helped me with their experiences. 

Wendy Xx

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  • Great stuff

  • Thank you Briccolone. Have I motivated you to get yours? 😃

  • What it has done Wendy is to show everyone out there what can be done with a bit of willpower....very good news

  • Agree and thank you 😊

  • Brilliant news to start the day! 🌼

    Onwards and upwards!  Nice one!


  • Well Done

  • Hi Wendy, good news for you so you don't have to worry so much and can concentrate on planning your life as you want to live it.

    love julie xx

  • Thank you Julie- 

    You have helped me tremendously with your insight and friendship. I hope to return the same support to you. I hope you know that you can count on me the way I have leaned on you. Your support will not be forgotten by me. 

    Biggest hug to you

    Wendy XXXX 

  • Hi wendy, it is great news.  You were planning a life change if fibroscan was good news.  You are so funny if your mails are anything to go on and you deserve some good news.  Your trip to Wales is a possibility or a definite now,

    Speak later

    jule xx  

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